Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Stressed-Out Moms

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Stressed-Out Moms

Don’t get me wrong, us Moms love all of the memories that macaroni art, acrylic handprints, and construction paper cards capture, but Stressed-Out Moms need a little bit more to make Mother’s Day really enjoyable.

Making Mother’s Day enjoyable for a Stressed-Out Mom can include giving us some space- allowing us some time to ourselves to be individuals for a little while,  or letting us pamper ourselves a little because this is likely the only day that we can do so without all the guilt.

You don’t have to spend a ton to make us happy  but be thoughtful because unless you’re a Mother yourself, you have no idea what Motherhood does to a woman… we are stressed. We earned this day to treat ourselves and we deserve it. So here are some gift ideas for the Stressed-Out Mom in your life to earn you some brownie points this Mother’s Day:

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Stressed-Out Moms

Here are some thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas for stressed out Moms who should be pampered, appreciated and loved on Mother's Day!! Check it out.

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Things Mom Will Love

Bottle of Wine

I’m sure you knew this would be #1 on my list… This is perhaps the cheapest, but most appreciated gift you can get the wine-loving Mom in your life. It’s something she can enjoy on her own and has nothing to do with domestic chores. If you’re looking for double points, consider one of these spa baskets from Stressed Mommy Wine that you can add wine to. If you’re looking for more of a variety, check out Wine Country Mother’s Day Gift Baskets.

If your Mom is a wine-lover, but you don’t necessarily want to get her wine, check out 40 Unique Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers and Best Wine Glasses for Moms for some great recommendations.

Grocery Delivery 

Treat her to the ultimate gift… of not having to go grocery shopping! She can skip all the lines and hassle with a membership to AmazonFresh, a fresh grocery delivery service. You can start her off with unlimited grocery delivery for $14.99 per month. Seriously, what Mom wouldn’t LOVE that? Find out more here:

A Cleaning Service

De-stress your mom by chipping in and getting her a maid service for the weekend. Whether it’s spring cleaning or a deep cleansing after a stressful week, Mom will appreciate the break. Amazon Home Services offers house cleaning amongst a million other home services like landscaping, tv wall mounting, wireless setup, etc.. Make Mom’s day by marking off her to-do list! Find out more here: Try Amazon Home Services

Essential Oils

If your Mom is into essential oils, why not make her a basket with her favorite oils? Or better yet, if she’s never experienced the relaxing effects of oils like Lavender (a personal favorite) and Serenity, she might just love you for it! Check out Do Terra essential oils. They are wonderful essential oils that we like to use for almost everything and they make a great Mother’s Day gift.


Personal Care

Massage/Spa Certificate

If she doesn’t want to do any of the work herself, (and on Mother’s Day, she shouldn’t!) a massage or spa certificate is always nice. Whether she needs a good massage, facial, treatment, pampering- you name it, we’ll take it all… thank you! Check out Groupon for great deals on spa packages!!


Get her a makeover package at her favorite salon/beauty counter. A new color, cut, style, and/or makeup will help her to feel appreciated and brand new. Check out Making Time for Makeup as a Busy Mom for some great recommendations.

Boutique Gift Card

Moms don’t treat themselves to the nicer things as often as they should. Let her treat herself to the fancy stuff at one of the many boutiques in San Antonio. There are so many to choose from, and she’s sure to love it. If you’re in Alamo Heights or on the far Westside, check out Chalet.

Money and Time

A gift card or cash to spend along with ample time to enjoy ourselves is another great way to win a Stressed-Out Mom’s heart on Mother’s Day. Whether it’s the nail salon, the mall, a winery, or Barnes & Noble- us Moms deserve a little cash to spend on ourselves AND the time to do it.

Here are some thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas for stressed out Moms who should be pampered, appreciated and loved on Mother's Day!! Check it out.

Out and About

Dinner with Friends

Get in touch with her friends, or better yet, team up with the families of her Mom Friends and pitch in to get them all a dinner, a spa package, or wine tasting. She’ll love the relaxing time with friends who “get it”. Check out the deals on Groupon to get your Mom more for your money!

Tickets to a Concert/Event

Get her out of the house and doing something SHE enjoys like tickets to a concert, movie, wine tasting, festival, or comedy club… All Moms are different, so it depends on the Mom, but any Mom would appreciate a chance to get out and do something she likes. Again, Groupon comes in handy for discounted tickets to events.

5K Run/Tour

Is your Mom a runner? If she is, then she will love this… River City Run SA offers guided running tours around the downtown area. If her friends enjoy the same thing, consider getting together with their families and buying them all tickets. Let her run that stress off!

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On Mother’s Day

We all talk about needing the time alone, but the truth is that we’ll be thinking about our families while we’re alone. So a nice brunch with the family followed up with alone time works well, too.

The idea of the day is to make sure she knows that she is loved and appreciated. Before you buy her a gift, gauge what interests her most and get her a thoughtful gift based on that. Thoughtful gifts are the best ones. (Don’t forget- before you buy, check Ebates to get some cash back! It’s totally FREE and a no-brainer).

If you’re a Stressed-Out Mom, I hope you enjoy this Mother’s Day and find some time to relax. 🙂

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