One in Five Minds Breaks the Stigma Associated with Mental Illness

One in Five Minds Breaks the Stigma Associated with Mental Illness

May has arrived and with it we are seeing some of the most beautiful sights that Mother Nature has to offer. Colorful blooms and shades of green are highlighting our streets and parks are gaining more and more visitors as the month goes on.

Fold out chairs are making their way out from the darkest corners of the garage along with bicycles, skateboards, and slip ‘n slides. We’ll soon start to hear the sounds of summer- splashing, laughing, and countdown to hide and seek drifting through the air along with the smell of burgers and hotdogs roasting on the grill.

The sights and sounds in May are quite a spectacle to everyone who experiences them… but sometimes the things we don’t see or hear about deserve just as much attention.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

This post was sponsored by Clarity Child Guidance Center. All opinions are my own. 

It’s not a topic you’ll find Moms discussing on the sidelines at soccer games, poolside, or at the park because of the stigma associated with it. Lack of awareness of mental health issues and the resources available to combat them makes it a topic more difficult to discuss.

But mental illness is a topic that demands discussion…

Children's Mental Illness IT2

In Bexar County alone, that is a staggering 80,000 children.

We need to talk about this.


Because of those 80,000 children, only 1 in 5 who need treatment actually receive it. When left untreated, children with mental illnesses carry these frightening statistics:

  • Half of the children will drop out of high school
  • They are twice as likely to start using illicit drugs and alcohol.
  • They are more likely to end up in the juvenile system
  • Many attempt suicide.

Do you know someone who may need help?

Clarity Child Guidance Center

Clarity Child Guidance Center is a non-profit organization that provides mental health services to children who are experiencing behavioral and/or emotional difficulties. They create individually tailored treatment plans for children with difficulties aged 3-17 through the guidance of psychiatrists and counselors.

Clarity Guidance Center will “…work with families to develop a clear, understandable, and effective plan of care to treat children experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties.”

They do so by offering outpatient services, acute care, day treatment, and 24-hour treatment at their campus in The South Texas Medical Center. Although they accept insurance and Medicaid, they also offer alternative methods to fund treatment for children in need.

This is important because the kids who need these services might not be getting them because they cannot afford to or because they aren’t aware of the resources available to them. How can we change this?


One in Five Minds Campaign

Help support the One in Five Minds campaign by spreading awards of children's mental illness. Get a #maynicure and spread the word! Check it out.

The stigma associated with mental illness is what keeps these important conversations at bay. For this reason, Clarity Child Guidance Center has sponsored the One in Five Minds Campaign.

“One in Five Minds was created to raise awareness about mental illness, to break down stigma, and to increase access to treatment for children regardless of their ability to pay.”

This campaign has the ability to change the lives of children who need treatment services and their families. By speaking openly about mental illness and showing our support, we can get help to those who need it.


Get a Manicure and support Children's Mental Illness Awareness! Check it out:


This weekend, I attended a Maynicures event designed to spread awareness of the campaign. I brought my daughter with me to the event because changing the way we look at things or breaking the stigma, starts with educating.

My daughter needed to hear that some children have mental health issues and she needed to see that there are so many people out there who support them. We got our mini manicures and I explained to her the significance of the 1 to 5 color ratio.

She was quite happy to be supporting kids in need and we had a lovely time getting our nails done, mingling with other supporters, and partaking in a fun Photo Booth photo op. Her participation in the event helped her to understand how important it is to support one another.

There is a community of children in Bexar County that need our help and we want to make sure that they get it with no judgement or stigma attached.

One in Five Minds is a campaign decimated to spreading the awareness of children's mental illness. Get involved and get a #maynicure today! Click here.

How can you help?

Simple. During the Month of May, spread awareness by getting a manicure.

That doesn’t sound so hard, does it?

When you get your manicure, choose two colors and paint 4 fingers 1 color and 1 finger the other color to show that you are in support of One in Five Minds. That one finger of a different color represents the one in five children with a mental illness that need support.

Take pictures of your manicure and post them on social media with the hashtag #maynicures to show that you care. Tag two friends in your post and encourage them to do the same. Let’s spread the word about mental illness and let those affected by it know that they don’t have to deal with this alone.

It’s time to start tearing down the stigma that keeps kids from getting the help that they need. Mental illness is not something to be ignored, and it won’t go away on it’s own. It’s a real problem that requires attention and treatment.  Avoiding the discussion won’t change the statistics, but spreading awareness can.

May is #MentalHealthAwareness Month. Let's break the stigma & spread awareness by getting… Click To Tweet

Beyond #Maynicures

You might not think that you know someone with a mental illness, but statistics say you likely do. It’s not something people feel comfortable talking about, so it might just be that you don’t know- and this is the whole point of the campaign- to spread awareness.

Wouldn’t you want your friends/family to get the help that they needed?

Furthermore, if you could provide a resource to those who don’t have the means to get treatment or information for those that are reluctant to come forward, wouldn’t you want to?

You can be saving someone’s life.

Let’s start this conversation, break this stigma, and get children the help they need before it’s too late. Get your #Maynicures and start spreading the word about children’s mental health resources today!

For more information, or if you or someone you know needs help, please visit Find Help.

If you’re looking to get involved, here are some more ways to take action.

For additional resources, please visit: Resources


If you enjoyed this post or are looking for more ways to get involved in the community, check out Medals for MealsCardBoard Kids and/or Santikos.  🙂


Do you or someone you know have a mental illness? How has getting treatment helped you and/or your family? Will you support child mental health awareness by getting #maynicures this month?

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  • Love this! My 8 year old son has anxiety. He is often faced with people not understanding why he is struggling. Thanks for getting out there and supporting.

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