About Me

About Me

My name is Pam, and my educational background includes 10+ years of college, and 3 different majors that resulted in a BA in Liberal Arts with an Emphasis in Culture and Media Studies.

Now throw in 8 years in the banking industry in the Northeast, Military wife and mother of 2 in the Pacific Northwest, and now Freelance Writer/Blogger/WAHM of 3 in Southwest Texas, and you could say that variety, change, and stress are no strangers to me- but neither are experience, excitement, and love!

Wine and Lavender was created as a way to connect with other Moms in San Antonio, for sharing my triumphs and failures, as a way to gain insight from my readers, and to serve as a resource to others like me- who are just trying to keep it all together amidst the chaos.

Much like my life experience, I dabble in a little of everything on my blog. I post tips, tricks, and reviews on Parenting & Mom Life, Experiences (mostly in San Antonio), Frugal Living, Health, and of course, WINE. (Lot’s of wine!)

If you’re not sure where to start, check out some of my more popular Parenting & Mom Life posts like Accepting Your Fate as a Minivan Mom and Getting Kids to Listen Without Losing It.  If you’re new to San Antonio, check out 10 Ways to Make Friends in a New City  and My First 5K Experience and the Experiences category for fun things to do here. If wine is your thing, (it’s mine, too!), check out my Wine of the Week series. If you’re strapped for cash and need some money-saving ideas, check out my Frugal Living category. If you’re working on yourself, health-wise, check out my Paleo posts.

In an effort to make life easier for all of us Moms/Parents, I’ll keep the posts coming… and I hope you’ll visit often. 🙂

Relax. There’s nothing a little wine and lavender can’t handle…

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