Making Time for Makeup as a Busy Mom

Making Time for Makeup as a Busy Mom

My regular makeup routine ended with the birth of my second child. What can I say? Motherhood just overwhelmed me and makeup fell to the bottom of my priority list. I always figured that eventually, I’d get myself back together…. and yet here we were, a few years later- and still no routine.

With all the morning chaos, I rarely have time to put it on. In fact, I hardly ever wear makeup beyond the occasional mascara and lipstick for events/occasions. I had come to accept this as a sacrifice of motherhood for me, but the constant run-ins with “put-together” Moms had me wondering where they found the time, and what kind of magic they used to achieve their looks.

This is a Job for a Professional

So where to start? Well, while there are so many talented makeup gurus that can transform any overstressed and sleepy Mom into a Diva- I am not one of them. I lack the knowledge required to perfect a makeup routine and had practically given up on trying. Also, with all the advances made in the makeup world, I no longer knew what was out there. Sure, I can spend a few hours looking it all up or on You Tube trying to figure this stuff out on my own, but what Mom has time for that?

The easiest way for me to get back to feeling more “put together” was to consult with a professional who has the know-how. Most importantly, I knew I had to do it in person. They can make suggestions based on my needs and what’s available (BB Cream? Tell me more…). They can also teach me how to apply it, using the best techniques for the shape of my eyes and color of my skin. Best of all, they can let me in on tips and tricks to make my routine a simple and easy one- which I was in desperate need of.

So when the opportunity came to check out the newest NYX store in San Antonio, I jumped on it. I was in major need of a makeup overhaul that could fit into my routine and I was excited to start taking better care of me!

NYX’s 100th Store Opening at The Shops at La Cantera

I was not compensated for this post, but did receive a swag bag as a thank you for attending the media preview. My opinions are my own. 

Making time for makeup as a busy mom isn't an easy task, but with the best makeup products, it is possible!! Check it out:

NYX opened their 100th store right here, in San Antonio at The Shops at La Cantera. There was some buzz about it coming, and I was excited to be able to preview it. This is what I’ve needed for quite some time, and I was so ready to go.

As a Mom of 3, with little to no time to focus on myself in the morning, most days my beauty regiment is limited to a pony tail and moisturizer. I explained this to a NYX stylist named Autumn, who helped me to choose products that would fit my needs. She put together an effortless regimen that actually stands a chance of sticking around-  who would’ve thought that was possible?

Aside from the products, let me be honest and tell you that one of the first things that stood out to me about NYX was affordability. Why? Because a person like me, who knows very little about makeup, doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars trying to figure it out. I could very easily replace my main makeup staples for under $100. Someone described it as, “Professional Quality Makeup at drugstore prices”, and I cannot agree more because all the products she chose for me work wonderfully and fit within my budget.

The result was wonderful- I looked so good, and it was quick! I picked up their Angel Primer to combat my redness, some BB Cream to create a perfect canvas, and some volumizing mascara to make my eyelashes lovely. Amongst a few other things in the swag bag that I received, I got a Night on the Town Palette, which has almost every color I will ever need to create a beautiful daytime or evening effect. I can’t wait to start experimenting with the suggestions I received, and am so excited that I might even make some more time for me to browse You Tube videos on different styles.

I could have stayed to shop around some more at the preview, but the number of people in there was overwhelming and who am I kidding? I’m always short on time. But it looks like NYX has a healthy following and I’m not surprised. I plan to be back for more.

Going Forward

Making time for makeup as a busy mom isn't an easy task, but with the best makeup products, it is possible!! Check it out:


The whole experience has changed my view on makeup routines. I learned how quick it can be to get myself together in the morning if I’m using the right products. The best part is that it did not cost me a small fortune, and I love feeling “put together”.

If you haven’t been to NYX, you have to check them out. In short, they make professional quality makeup and sell it at reasonable prices.  They just opened their 100th store in San Antonio at The Shops at La Cantera. Go check them out.

Motherhood has a way of changing you, but not in the derogatory sense that is often associated with it. Check out my posts on Accepting Your Fate as a Minivan Mom and Making Time for Yourself Outside of Motherhood.


@NyxCosmectics opened their 100th store in San Antonio! For professional quality makeup at affordable prices, check them out! Share on X


Have you ever tried NYX products? Are you a busy mom that has a regular morning makeup routine? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


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  • I LOVE Nyx products. I think you might have checked out my post on my beauty routine and the products I use. The BB cream is magic. I don’t know how I got through my makeup days without it.LOL I’m so jealous that you have a store right there. I am not so lucky. Thank goodness for online shopping. 😉 Good luck with the beauty routine! Speed is key. 💕

    • I love my new products, too! I can actually get myself together pretty quickly and get out the door- with kids! Who would’ve thought? LOL

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