Wine of the Week: Stressed Mommy Chardonnay

Wine of the Week: Stressed Mommy Chardonnay

Finally… A review for all my white wine lovers! Now I know it took a while, and I am sorry for that. I guess I was just waiting for the right recommendation- a white wine that could actually taste good to a red wine lover like me. I wanted to wait until a “good one” came around… and the wait is over.

In this 7th Edition of Wine and Lavender’s Weekly Segment, Wine of the Week, we will be exploring:

Stressed Mommy Chardonnay

Stressed Mommy Chardonnay

I was not compensated for this post but did receive 2 free bottles of wine to try. My opinions are my own. Price: $17.99

Sight: This wine is bright and golden yellow in color… much like a ray of sunshine coming in through the blinds. So far, it looks like a crisp, sunny day in a glass… Is that why you Chardonnay lovers love it so much? Does it taste just as happy, crisp and sweet as it looks? Just the look of it is making me thirsty. (I think the condensation is working on me, too- how much water have I had today? Well, anyways…)

Stressed Mommy ChardonnaySmell: The first sniff was a “tart” one that definitely caught my attention/woke me up. It smells really acidic and there is definitely some oak in there… It doesn’t smell as good as a red, but Chardonnay must be the “King” of white wines for a reason. I’m not a fan of the smell though… it somewhat reminds me of an early twenties hangover…

Taste/First Impression: Wow. Just wow. It’s just the right amount of sweet, crisp, and tart with a light finish. I was definitely not expecting this. It is good! I am truly surprised.

After taste: No nasty aftertaste, just a smooth finish that trails off beautifully. No nasty fumes left in your throat and/or mouth… I’m still somewhat in shock about this wine. It is unexpected but very welcome.

The Experience: I’m being honest when I tell you that I waited until literally the last hour to try this wine because I don’t like white wine. Although I was definitely curious about how this wine tasted, I was not looking forward to this review, whatsoever. I am very pleasantly surprised by it. Now make no mistake, even though I love my reds, I’ve had my share of Chardonnay in the past, so I generally know what to expect… but this particular brand is freaking good. LOL

Stressed Mommy ChardonnayThe Next Day: Since I waited until literally the last hour to try it, Hubby wasn’t in on it with me this time. Subsequently, this means that I had A LOT of wine… all to myself. Sure, I could have corked it and threw it back in the fridge, but I couldn’t stop. LOL I liked it A LOT. So… I was definitely expecting some consequences for my irresponsible actions last night… and was surprised to wake up completely fine. Not even a mild headache or stomach pain.

The Label: “No one works harder than a mom. For all that you do, take time for you.” Bam. Not sure much else needs to be said… except if you have a Stressed Mommy in your life who likes white wines or in particular, Chardonnay… be a Dear and send them a bottle of this wine. They are sure to love you for it.

Alc. %: 12%

Repeat: Yes. I cannot believe that I am saying this, but yes, I would buy this Chardonnay. I think it would be great for a spring or summer get together with the girls and I would definitely buy this as a reasonably priced, good gift for a Mom.

Rating: I give Stressed Mommy Chardonnay a 4. I know, I know… Starting off with the white wines on a bold note, right? But I truly believe it deserves it. Red wine lovers… this may be a game changer.

4 Glasses

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If you aren’t into reds as much as I am (YUM! Love me some red wine), but want to try something different from your normal white wine, definitely check out Kissing Tree Vineyards White Merlot. It’s a rosé that seems to please both red and white wine lovers, alike!

Are you a Chardonnay Lover? have you tried this wine? I’d love to hear your comments below.

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