Wine of the Week: Stressed Mommy Merlot

Wine of the Week: Stressed Mommy Merlot

As if being a Mom isn’t stressful enough all the time, it becomes even more stressful around this time of year! I feel your pain, Moms! Mom-ing ain’t easy, and this Wine of the Week is for all of you Stressed Moms!!

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while folks… I received this bottle a few weeks ago and have been absolutely DYING to try it, but with all the holiday festivities and events (not to mention all the wine that has been going around), I had too much scheduled and had to hold on to it. It wasn’t easy…

But I popped this baby open last night- and here’s what I found…

In this 6th Edition of Wine and Lavender’s Wine of the Week!! This week we are exploring:

Stressed Mommy Merlot 2014Stressed Mommy Merlot

I was not compensated for this post but did receive 2 free bottles of wine to try. My opinions are my own. Price: $17.99

Sight: Can I first comment on the label? This is the first thing that struck me. What a great label- sleek with bright colors and geared totally to it’s target audience- Moms!! The label alone would make me pick this wine up for a night with the girls or even as a gift to a fellow mom. Now to the wine… the color of this Merlot was a deep burgundy or garnet color. It definitely looked good enough to drink!

Smell: The first sniff was amazing and had me wanting to take a Stressed Mommy Merlotsip so badly! But I was trying to determine which scents I was smelling in the wine (look at me- trying to get all analytical!) and sniff after sniff, my mouth was watering to the point where I thought I was going to drool on myself. LOL True story. There were so many beautiful aromas in this wine… No nose-hair burning stench or alcohol taking over my nasal cavity feel- just a beautiful, good smelling wine. It was a “sweet-smelling” wine, and when I dipped my nose in a little further, I thought it smelled a little “nutty”, too. Is there Lavender in this wine? It just smells so good! Husband’s thoughts: Smells really sweet, like a really sweet fruit. Smells like it will taste like a berry.

Taste/First Impression: The first sip was not overly sweet like I was expecting (based on the smell, alone). This merlot tasted somewhat “light” with a light “zing” at the end that trails off. My taste buds were definitely stimulated as I was swishing this wine around in my mouth!

After taste: The aftertaste was not bad at all. No nasty dull taste that stuck around like an unwanted guest. There was a somewhat dry-ish aftertaste that my husband liked. I generally prefer wines that are a little sweeter in taste, but then again- who wants a bunch of sugar in their wine? (Not to mention all the calories!)

The Experience: After only a glass in, I was already pretty buzzed, which surprised me. That’s a stress reliever on it’s own for me! (though I can’t guarantee that this or any wine will relieve your stress!) Overall, this wine wasn’t bad. The label was cute and the smell was amazing! While I prefer sweeter wines, this wine is definitely worthy of a night with the girls or as a gift.

Stressed Mommy MerlotThe Next Day: Even though I probably had more than I should have, the next day I felt completely fine- which is a WONDERFUL thing. I LOVE wines like this!

The Label: “No one works harder than a mom. For all that you do, take time for you.” Finally, someone gets it!! Loved the label!!

Alc. %: 13.5%

Repeat: I would have this wine again and I would definitely buy it for a fellow Stressed Mommy!! I’m looking forward to trying the other varieties from Stressed Mommy. In fact, stay tuned for next week’s Wine of the Week, when I try Stressed Mommy Chardonnay!! (Finally- a white wine on the blog!!)

Rating: I’d rate this a 3 because my sugar addiction makes it so that I like almost everything very sweet.

wine of the week 3 glasses

Check Out Stressed Mommy!!

While I wasn’t all that crazy about their Merlot, I was blown away by their Chardonnay and definitely recommend that you give that one a try!

If you are interested in sending a cute (and thoughtful) gift like this to a “mommy-in-need”, you have to check out the Stressed Mommy website!! They have a Wine Club that gets you 15% off if you order 6 bottles or more.

Not only do they offer wine, but they also have Spa Products that use natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Organic Coffee and Organic coconut milk. You can find these products at

Want both? They offer mixed wine/spa packages,too! I don’t know of any Moms who wouldn’t LOVE that!! You’ll definitely want to check this out for the stressed mom in your life!! Interested in learning more?

The PERFECT gift for the Stressed Mommy in your life!! Check it Out!! Share on X

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If you want to buy something more than wine for the wine-lover in your life, check out 40 Unique Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers and if you haven’t found the perfect gift for the GUY in your life, check out my post on 36 Gift Ideas for the Guy in Your Life. I got these recommendations from guys, themselves!!

So what are your thoughts? Have you checked out Stressed Mommy or Stressed Mommy Wine, yet?

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