Wine of the Week: Jason Stephens Estate Merlot

Wine of the Week: Jason Stephens Estate Merlot

So we’re back to a red this week because… well, do I really need a reason? They’re delicious and that’s reason enough!

But in all seriousness, I’m excited about this one. If you’re headed somewhere for Christmas dinner and want to bring a nice Merlot, I’ve got one for you!!

Welcome to this 8th Edition of Wine and Lavender’s Wine of the Week:

Jason Stephens Estate Merlot 2011

Jason Stephens Estate Merlot


HEB Price: $13.98

Sight: Although you can’t tell by my marvelous amateur photo job (and the fact that I poured a little too much in the glass), the look of this wine could best be described as “deep ruby”. (I love rubies!) It has a nice deep red color and looks to be full bodied.

Jason Stephens Estate MerlotSmell: THIS WINE SMELLS WONDERFUL!! It smells like a sweet, delicious fruit with floral scent
following behind.

Taste/First Impression: This wine is good. I literally took the first sip and said out loud, “Ooo… that’s a good wine”. It goes down smoothly with a tiny tartness that drifts off so pleasantly. There is definitely some “floral” in this wine, somewhere.

After taste: There is a tiny aftertaste left in your mouth- kind of hard to explain, but it’s definitely not unpleasant.

The Experience: Until I started this blog, I’ve never taken a look at the alcohol content of my wine. This wine is 15% alcohol. What can I say about that? Well, I’m pretty excited about probably not “needing” a second glass, but I’m also scared because it’s Sunday night. I have to be up with the kids early in the morning and I’m not sure if I can stop at one glass. I wonder what tomorrow has in store for me…

The Next Day: I was REALLY shocked on Monday morning, guys. I totally over indulged in this wine because- IT WAS DELICIOUS. Very surprisingly, I woke up WITHOUT even so much as a headache. I felt completely fine this morning and all day.

Jason Stephens Estate MerlotThe Label: “We craft velvety, complex, full bodied and flavorful wines that capture the true essence of each varietal in every sip.” I whole-heartedly agree. This velvety wine was very enjoyable. I decided to look them up to see what other wines they make that I could test. In doing so, I found their description for the Estate Merlot: Tasting Notes by Jason Stevens Winery:

“A bright ruby red color shimmers while expressive aromas of cedar, blackberry,
plum, black pepper, and a hint of lavendar open up in the glass. A rich and full-bodied
mouthfeel is balanced with well-structured tannins and acidity. Flavors of dark red fruits and exotic spices dance in the palate followed by a lingering finish of dates and hints of anise.”

This may be the first time that I actually agree with what a winemaker has to say about their wine. Might my palate be maturing? Am I actually starting to make sense of what the wine people say about their wines? Or have I had too much to drink? LOL Furthermore, I’m not surprised that I liked this wine so much because right there in the description it says, “hints of lavender”. Um, hello? Wine and Lavender. My two faves! I was amused by that. No wonder why I thought it smelled so good!

Alc. %: 15%

Repeat: ABSOLUTELY (and as soon as I can).

Rating: I would rate this bottle of wine a 4. I really, really enjoyed it, and I’m sure the hints of lavender helped.

4 Glasses


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Have ou ever tried this wine before? What were your thoughts? Leave a comment below:

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