Wine of the Week: Kissing Tree Vineyards White Merlot

Wine of the Week: Kissing Tree Vineyards White Merlot

Local, local, local. That has been the theme for Wine of the Week lately because I’ve discovered how displaced Texas’ reputation for winemaking is. We have the 2nd largest viticultural area in the United States- that says something, but we don’t get nearly as much attention as we deserve. So I figure from my little corner of the blogosphere, I can shout out the message…

HEY!! WE HAVE SOME GOOD FREAKING WINE DOWN HERE! and hope that some of you listen…

I picked this rosé up at the Texas Wine Revolution Festival in early April. After a taste, I knew I needed some more time with it and just had to bring a bottle home. (I should mention that I went back to them for a glass, too.)

In this 17th edition of Wine and Lavender’s Wine of the Week, we will be exploring some 100% grown and made, real Texas wine…

Kissing Tree Vineyards White Merlot

Here is a review of Kissing Tree Vineyards White Merlot in plain terms for all you Moms who love wine, but aren't sommeliers. Click here!

Kissing Tree Vineyard Price: $20

Sight: Reddish-pink in color.

Smell: Slightly sweet, smells fruity with a hint of strawberry.

Taste/First Impression:  Soft, light, fruity, and very good!!! I want to say it tastes like yummy, flavorful strawberries. There is a little bit of a dryness on the end that lingers, but that’s manageable. The rest is quite good and refreshing.

After Taste: The lingering tang seems to rest at the back of your tongue, but it’s nothing horrible. I’m left wanting more, which is a good thing.

The Experience: I am so glad I picked this bottle up at the Festival. It really is a pleasant wine- and these are words from a woman who rarely drinks rosé. I’m about a glass into it and think I’ll save the rest for tomorrow. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with today’s diet, but I’m already quite happy with what I’ve had. (I’m BUZZED!)

The Next Day: No issues, whatsoever.

The Label: “We at Kissing Tree Vineyards hope to share our passion for wine with others and wish you and yours to find similar romance in both life and our wine.”

I am definitely crushing on this wine, so there is some romance here… As I’ve said a million times over, I am generally a red wine lover, with just a little love for rosé, and next to no love for whites. BUT I really like this white merlot and think it’s definitely worth it to see what else Kissing Tree Vineyards has to offer. Could they be the ones to bring me over to the white side?

Alc. %: 12.5%

Repeat: Yes

Rating: 3 1/2

Wine of the Week Wine Review 3 1/2 Glasses


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If you’re interested in picking up a bottle or two for yourself, check them out on the web at: Kissing Tree Vineyards or on Facebook: @KissingTreeVineyards.

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Do you love Rosé? Have you ever tried any Texas wines? I’d love to hear your thoughts below in the comments.

Pamela is a Freelance Writer, Blogger, WAHM of 3, and Veteran Military Wife living in Southwest Texas. Raised in the Northeast and having lived a few years in the Pacific Northwest, she likes to write about mom life, parenting, frugal living, experiences, and WINE. (Lots of wine!) When she’s not busy chasing toddlers around, you can find her on the blog or on social media. Check her out on Instagram:

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    • It was good and the festival was GREAT!! It’s an annual event, so be on the lookout next spring for details- or follow me on Facebook for updates once I hear about them. 🙂

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