10 Smart Baby Buys

10 Smart Baby Buys

You’re pregnant!! (Or someone you know is!) Congratulations! This journey will be both the most life changing and rewarding experience you will ever have. Babies are so wonderful, so beautiful and so… labor intensive. LOL You know that nothing worthwhile comes easy, right?

While it will be challenging, having a baby doesn’t have to be utter chaos (right?). Luckily for you, you’re having a baby in a time when there are so many great products on the market that can make it a little easier to deal with! But which ones are actually worth the money?

Babies can make even normal, everyday, mundane tasks somewhat “exciting”. No worries, though- I’ve put together a list of 10 Smart Baby Buys that I’ve found in my experience (crazy Mom of 3) to be the most helpful.

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10 smart baby buys

10 Smart Baby Buys:

Fisher Price Rock n Play- Your days of doing anything “real quick” or going anywhere alone (including the restroom) are over. It is a safe place for baby to nap that is portable. It is in an inclined position, which is AWESOME for little ones with stomach issues. This wonderful item folds up standing which is great so you don’t have to bend over to move it and it’s a space saver! It clicks closed and is portable with one hand.  (I would not recommend picking it up with baby inside- too dangerous). Fisher Price Rock n Play

Medela Double Breast Pump- If you decided that you are going to try to breastfeed- that’s wonderful! The bad news is that the first two weeks (for some of us) hurts like hell. But if you can just get past those first two weeks, I promise you, it will make your life so much easier.

Breastfeeding (in addition to all it’s wonderful health benefits) is easier than bottle feeding in my opinion. There’s no bottle washing, sanitizing, no formula mixing, no getting up in the middle of the night and bringing a crying baby into the kitchen to warm a bottle, none of that. Did I mention that it’s FREE? Have you seen the prices of formula?

Anyway- I couldn’t get past the first two weeks of breastfeeding without this pump. I was in so much pain and wanted to quit. I tried the breast pump, and although I was still in pain, the pain was more manageable. I was still able to give my daughter breastmilk and after that, I used it to pump and store breastmilk for my baby girl. Medela Double Breast Pump

Walker- Ok- I know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding these. We did not use one for either of my first two children- mainly because our home was small and did not have the type of flooring conducive to rolling things on easily. But with my third, the whole first floor was tiled- not the safest “my-baby’s-starting-to-walk” type of floor. So we decided to get him a walker to keep him safe.

He never liked the playpen, so it was the next best thing while he was learning to walk. It worked great- I was able to make dinner without worrying about him cracking his skull and it gave him some freedom to roam on his own. We were careful not to leave him in it for prolonged amounts of time, and for short amounts of time, it came in handy.

Be sure to get a walker that has some sort of activity on it that is removable and has a tray underneath. This way, you can easily change up activities once in a while and serve some snacks while baby is on the go in it. Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker

Baby Magic Bullet- We had the Baby Magic Bullet and loved it because of it’s size and ease of use, but any food processor is great to have when your baby is starting to eat solids. We would throw whatever we were having for dinner into it, processed it and voila! instant, healthy baby food. Simple. Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System

If you’re looking for a way to feed baby solids but wanted gadgets whose use would extend after the toddler years, check out 10 Pampered Chef Products Every Mom Needs. They can save you money in the long run and can be used for so much more than just baby feeding.

Diaper Bag w/clips- A diaper bag with clips that can attach to a shopping cart and/or stroller. You won’t regret it- especially when you are on a big shopping trip with baby when there’s not much room for the diaper bag in the cart (or in the stroller) and it’s awesome because you have easy access to it. Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag, Chevron

Ergo Baby Carrier- A baby carrier is essential. It makes cleaning, shopping, walking, attending events, and pretty much anywhere you need to take a baby where standing is involved, so much easier! I had a Baby Bjorn with my daughter and back pain was the result. The Ergo is AWESOME!! It has good lumbar support and a pocket in the front which comes in handy- not to mention a few different ways to wear baby!!! The best part is that it frees up your hands- which comes in handy. LOL  Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier Grey

Sleep Sheep- It’s a cute stuffed animal that plays soothing sounds and can attach to crib or car seat- which is especially great for babies (like my son) who hate the car seat. Sleep Sheep

Sleep Sack- I was so worried about putting the baby down with a blanket because of suffocation or the fact that they would kick it off and freeze at night. I found sleep sacks made by Halo. It’s a blanket they wear. Less worries= more sleep for Mom. Halo Sleep Sack

Muslin Blankets- A light material blanket great for using as a blanket, swaddling and/or as a cover for breastfeeding. Save your money and don’t buy a breastfeeding cover! They tend to be bulky and it gets hot under there. The Muslin blankets are light and breathable- not to mention multi-functional!! A great investment, for sure. aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Plus, Sailing Sea, 4 count

Soothing Sounds Maker- Get some sort of white noise maker for the baby’s room. The sounds are soothing to them and it gets them used to noise. (This is important if you want to do ANYTHING while they are sleeping.) You can always attach the sleep sheep to their crib, but I would recommend using something that is NOT battery operated so that it can stay on all night. MyBaby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector

Having Babies

It is true when they say every child is different. What works for one may not work for another (ex. baby swing) . All Moms are different, too- you won’t really know what works best for you until you’ve tried it. The 10 Smart Baby Buys list above is of the of items that worked well for me and my children.

If you’re wondering what you will do with all of these things once baby gets older, I have a few tips for you! Check out One Mom’s Trash is Another Moms Treasure and Online Buy Sell Trade Basics.

What Baby Product(s) could you NOT live without? #mommyproblems Check these out... Share on X

Do you have any products that you could absolutely not do without? Did you get anything that was a waste of money/space? What have you used that worked well for you?

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