A Review of Rex Pickett’s Book: Vertical

This book review is on the book Vertical by Rex Pickett. It's an amazing story about wine and the Oregon Wine Trail. Click here to hear about it.

I’m not your typical movie-goer who laughs out loud in the theater. You might get a smirk or smile from me time to time, but I am definitely not vocal with my amusement. The same goes for books. It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud and more often than not, you won’t hear a peep from me […]

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Wine of the Week: J.L. Quinson Beaujolais Villages

Here is a red wine review in plain terms of Quinson Beaujolais Villages! Check it out here.

Trader Joe’s is a little bit of a drive away from me so when I go, I generally stock up on affordable wine because… well, if I can have a somewhat decent wine at a reasonable price, why not? This is what Wine of the Week is about anyway- finding cheap affordable wines that you can actually drink. So when […]

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Wine of the Week: Kissing Tree Vineyards White Merlot

Here's a wine review on a rosé that was grown and made in Texas. Kissing Tree Vineyards White Merlot!! Check it out.

Local, local, local. That has been the theme for Wine of the Week lately because I’ve discovered how displaced Texas’ reputation for winemaking is. We have the 2nd largest viticultural area in the United States- that says something, but we don’t get nearly as much attention as we deserve. So I figure from my little corner of the blogosphere, I can […]

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40 Unique Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

Because you don't just want to get your wine lover the gift of wine , here are 40 unique and funny gift ideas for wine lovers. Click here.

It’s no secret that I love wine and judging from my audience/page views you guys love it, too! One would assume that it’s easy to buy for a wine lover, but that’s not always the case. We all have different tastes, so buying us a bottle of wine is… well, a hit or miss. One thing you can be sure […]

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Wine of the Week: Helotes Creek Winery Malbec

Here is a wine review of Helotes Creek Winery Malbec. Click here to see how it went!

We’re going local this week, Wine Lovers! It turns out that there are quite a few hidden gems in Texas that produce really good wine and deserve more buzz!! The wine I’m reviewing this week is from Helotes Creek Winery, a quaint winery located in Helotes, Texas. They make their own wine on premises and offer a variety of different […]

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Wine of the Week: Trader Joe’s Shiraz

Here is a wine review of Trader Joe's Charles Shaw Blend Shiraz, in plain terms by a Mom who LOVES wine! Click here: http://bit.ly/2lCKatP

Heeding the wise advice of my sister and a dear friend, I made my way over to Trader Joe’s and bought numerous bottles of their “2 Buck Chuck” in various blends. I’ve been spending quite enough money on wine lately, and supposedly this stuff isn’t bad. So why not? Well, the first trip to Trader Joe’s proved to be a […]

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Texas Wine Revolution Giveaway

Texas Wine Revolution Festival is a Festival that showcases 100% Texas grown and made wines! Click for more information: http://bit.ly/2m8sXwB

At the end of the day, (and with a big glass of wine in my hand), my husband and I always talk about the places we’d like to get away to- just the two of us. There’s the big goals, like Europe, and then there’s small victories- like one night alone on the Riverwalk. We envision alone time, great conversation […]

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Wine of the Week: Cherry Blossom Pinot Noir

When I went to Trader Joe’s to peruse their “affordable” wines (as recommended by an AWESOME wine-loving friend), I found myself running through the aisle like a kid in a candy store, picking up bottles left and right. Ten minutes into it, I had a cart full of wine topped with one toddler. I wonder what people were thinking of […]

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Win Free Wine on National Drink Wine Day!

National Drink Wine Day

Imagine a day dedicated to drinking wine. Now, I know what you’re thinking- there is a day for that: Wednesday… and then there’s Friday, oh and Saturday, too. Yes- those are all very good wine-drinking days, but did you know that on the official calendar of National Days, wine-drinking has a spot? Well it does- and this year National Wine […]

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Wine of the Week: Ravage Knight Fall Dark Red Blend

Ravage knight Fall Dark Red Blend

When choosing a wine based on the label alone, you never know if the bottle you’re getting is an all around winner (as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside) or a pig in lipstick. This week, I asked my wonderful husband to grab us a wine, and he came home with one of the more “manly-looking” wines. He […]

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