A Review of Rex Pickett’s Book: Vertical

A Review of Rex Pickett’s Book: Vertical

I’m not your typical movie-goer who laughs out loud in the theater. You might get a smirk or smile from me time to time, but I am definitely not vocal with my amusement. The same goes for books. It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud and more often than not, you won’t hear a peep from me when I’m reading. Then came the book Vertical– the sequel to Rex Pickett’s book-turned-movie, Sideways. This book had the power to make me smile, laugh out loud, and cringe all within the same page.

Over the course of a few weeks, (filled with deadlines and new opportunities that crept their way to the top of my priority list), I still made time to dig into this book nightly because I needed to know what would happen next- and it was never without regret. In fact, there were a few times where I found myself laughing so hard, that the bed, aggressively shaking, woke my husband. For this reason, I had to let you know a little more about this book.

WARNING: This review contains spoilers, but nothing compares to reading the words of Rex Pickett himself, so I encourage you to pick up the book (and a glass of wine!) and read it yourself for the full effect.

Vertical: Passion and Pinot on the Oregon Wine Trail

by Rex Pickett

I was not compensated for this review but was given a copy of the book to read for free. My opinions are my own. 

This book is about one man’s newfound celebrity and his journey up the western coast to events and festivals arranged by his publicist. Despite his introvert tendencies, Miles, a writer whose chronicled misfortune ironically brings him fortune, is pushed beyond his boundaries during the trip, and readers are taken along for the eventful ride.

His adventure begins when his Mother, in a state of health that has left her half paralyzed, expresses her desire to leave the home she’s in and live out the rest of her days with her sister who lives across the country. Being a good son (and aviophobian), Miles agrees to take her along on his publicity trail, and ultimately to her sister’s house in Wisconsin via roadtrip.

With his Mother’s pot-smoking caretaker, and washed-up best friend Jack in tow, the four embark on a journey along the Oregon Wine Trail filled with lots of wine, hilarious situations, encounters with could-be lovers, setbacks, and losses.

Did I mention a Viagra debacle and dunk tank filled with 2 Buck Chuck?

As we travel along with Miles and his gang of misfits, we explore the depth of relationships. The relationship between friends, fun and addiction, work and life balance, and most importantly, the relationship between a mother and son.

Reading Vertical

I don’t want to give up too much of the story because this is definitely something you’ll want to experience and laugh out loud to on your own. Rex Pickett has a way of making you feel like you are a passenger in the “rampvan”, living all of Miles’ experiences with him, and partaking in the festivities.

If you’re a Pinotphile, person who loves an exciting and hilarious story, or someone who understands the complex relationship with elderly parents, you will want to read this book. We all have a little “Miles” in us and Rex Pickett does a wonderful job of bringing that to the surface in Vertical.

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If you’re a wine-loving and reading Mom, this book is great for you! If you’re looking for books for the kiddos that they’ll love and learn from, check out 3 Children’s Books Kids Love that Teach Invaluable Lessons.

Have you read the first book, Sideways, or seen the film? What were your thoughts?

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  • Wine, Introverted Antagonist and it promises to make me laugh out loud?! Yes please. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book that made me laugh. I saw the movie Sideways, somehow missed that it was based on a book. This has been added to my Must Read List!

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