Wine of the Week: Trader Joe’s Shiraz

Wine of the Week: Trader Joe’s Shiraz

Heeding the wise advice of my sister and a dear friend, I made my way over to Trader Joe’s and bought numerous bottles of their “2 Buck Chuck” in various blends. I’ve been spending quite enough money on wine lately, and supposedly this stuff isn’t bad. So why not?

Well, the first trip to Trader Joe’s proved to be a success. We were going to have a party, so I bought multiple bottles of all types that I could find. Soon after, I came to discover that I definitely prefer their Cab over their Merlot. I bought way too many bottles of their whites and blushes- and didn’t even care to write reviews on those.

So a second trip went on the agenda.

Not so much for the 2 Buck Chucks, but more for the other cheap low-priced wines that might surprise me like their Cab did…. and then I saw it… The Charles Shaw Blend Shiraz. I haven’t done any reviews on a Shiraz -of any type- to date. So why not?

In this 15th Edition of Wine and Lavender’s Wine of the Week, we will be exploring:

Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw Blend Shiraz

AKA “2 Buck Chuck” Shiraz…

Here is a wine review of Trader Joe's Shiraz in plain terms by a Mom who loves wine. Click here:

Trader Joe’s Price: $1.99 (Hence the nickname)

Sight: Deep Red… It looks full bodied and has tiny bits of cork in there.

Smell: Smells sweet, fruity, and delicious so far… There is a funny whiff that I get now and then that reminds me of smoke.

Taste/First Impression: Wow. Definitely impressed. I’ve bought wines literally 5 times the price that didn’t taste this good. I might just have to quit WOTW because at $2 a bottle, and as good as this wine tastes, I’m not sure I’ll want to try others.

After taste: Fruity and finished perfectly. I am really quite impressed with this wine and the fact that it is a Shiraz is interesting. It is not at all spicy like you’d expect of a Shiraz.

The Experience: This wine makes me want to keep drinking. It could be a dangerous daily wine because it’s so good, you don’t want to stop.

The Next Day: Although it was quite tasty, I woke up somewhat dizzy and with a slight headache, which I wasn’t really expecting… It could be that I didn’t have as much water as I should have… OR it could be that it is a cheap wine. LOL Nevertheless, headache meds and water are on the menu today because of my delicious 2 Buck Chuck.

The Label: Bottled Exclusively for Trader Joe’s. Doesn’t say much about what’s in the bottle, but then again, at $1.99 per bottle, who cares?

Alc. %: 12.5%

Repeat: I’m already planning another trip. I really liked this Shiraz and I guess that it’s going to take me two hangovers to learn not to drink it again… (I mean, it could have been allergies that was causing my headache and not that delicious Shiraz, right? Right?)

Rating: Based on price and taste: 4. Based on the fact that I was mildly hungover: 3 1/2.Wine of the Week 3 1/2 Glasses


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I’ve tried a few wines from Trader Joe’s and if you wanted to know which one to avoid, check out this Pinot Noir.

Have you tried Trader Joe’s Shiraz? Or any of the 2 Buck Chucks? What are your thoughts? Comment Below.

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6 thoughts on “Wine of the Week: Trader Joe’s Shiraz”

    • Awww thanks so much for your kind words, Crystal!! I hope you picked up the Shiraz, because it’s pretty good (and cheap)!!

  • Ok. So after that first comment I did go to TJ’s but they were out of the Shiraz so I bought other ones. Last night I went back and found the Shiraz and bought 2 bottles. Can’t wait to try it!

    • That’s so awesome! I hope you like it!! Trader Joe’s 2 Buck Chucks are great- especially when you’re having a party or are on a budget. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Pam – curious if you tried the Shiraz again and if so you got another headache? I’m not a fan of the wine less for the taste but the way they grow the grapes and manufacture the wine.

    Following you on Twitter and your blog and looking forward to your next posts. Feel free to follow us, too – we write about wine and life o the other end of the wine spectrum, Napa Valley. The wines here are generally much too expensive so we’re always looking for the “hidden gems.”

    • Hi John! Thanks for stopping by! I love interacting with wine enthusiasts and will definitely check you guys out. I haven’t had the Shiraz since (been trying out some more local wines/TX wines), but I’d love to hear what your favorites are out in Napa…

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