Wine of the Week: Confidencial Reserva Tinto (Red Blend) 2012

Wine of the Week: Confidencial Reserva Tinto (Red Blend) 2012

Well guys, it looks as though my heart has been mended. After a few weeks of not-so-great wines, I’ve come across one that is worth all the staining it will likely embed into my teeth. Best of all: it’s a Portuguese wine! (I say that with a huge smile in my face and warmth in my heart!). If you missed the background story on this, check it out here.

So let’s get this out of the way… Yes, it’s a red. Of course it is… Not to say that there aren’t some wonderful whites out there…. I just love my reds. And this one is certainly something to write home about. In fact, have you ever really heard me give an overview of my tasting experience in the intro.? This is a sure sign that this wine is one to check out. Without further adieu…

In this 12th Edition of Wine and Lavender’s Wine of the Week, we will explore:

Confidencial Reserva Tinto (Red Blend) 2012

Confidencial Reserva Tinto

World Market Price: $13.99 ($11.24 on sale!) Yes- my loving husband went to World Market and bought me this… because he’s just awesome. 😉

Sight: This wine is a nice dark reddish/purple and looks to be full bodied.

Confidencial Reserva TintoSmell: My first impression of the smell is pure excitement… It smells so fruity and sweet!! The strength of the smell is noticeable, too. My Sister-In-Law, who just walked into the room, mentioned that something smelled fruity- so it’s definitely strong in scent, but not in a “fume-like” kind of way. As I’m sniffing in a little closer, I smell something different- like musty wood. It smells like one of our antiques. I hope this is one of those wines that smells a little funky, but tastes good. I’d hate to have a second Portuguese wine fail. Smells like an old church- with fruit.

Taste/First Impression: Wow- this wine is incredibly smooth and sweet!! It IS one of those wines that smells a little weird, but tastes good!! It’s very soft, too- as it rolls down your throat so nicely. I really like this wine- it does have a very tiny bit of a tart at the ending- but it’s relatively soft and finishes off nicely.

After taste: There’s no hard aftertaste. This one seems to be really soft- it just trails off with a satin-like finish. I like it a lot, and am pretty excited to have picked a Portuguese wine that has performed so well!

The Experience: I have no complaints (yet) from this wine. It’s pretty much what I love in reds and is delicious. My only regret at this point is that I don’t have a second bottle (which might not be a bad thing, considering I may have to function as a human being tomorrow.)

Confidencial Reserva TintoThe Next Day: I’m almost a little shocked about how I feel today. We had guests over last night, and I indulged way more than I should have, but I feel perfectly fine.

The Label: “Very aromatic with notes of ripe wild berry fruits, in the palet it is a fruity and full bodied wine with some oak notes and an agreeably pronounced acidity.” This pretty much sums it up, folks. Definitely a wine you want to try. You will love it.

Alc. %: 13.5%

Repeat: Yes, yes, yes- I’d like some more of this wine in my life! This one has definitely earned “go-to” status. (Gift suggestion here.)

Rating: 44 Glasses

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This is still one of my favorites. For more favorites, check out Jason Stephens and Two Vines.

So what are your thoughts? Have you/would you try this wine?  Comment below.


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  • Hey Tasha- Thanks for stopping by! I think you just gave me an awesome idea- to put together a list of great wines I tried!! Thanks! I’ve tried stockpiling, but have found that we just can’t seem to keep a stockpile in the house… we go through it too quickly. LOL

  • I haven’t tried this, but I definitely will put it on my “to-try” list especially if it doesn’t make me feel awful the next day 😉

    • Hey Lynn!! I have no doubt that you will love it. It is REALLY good, and even my sister-in-law, who isn’t into wine as much really liked it a lot! Thanks for stopping by!

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