Wine of the Week: Unwined Pinot Noir 2014

Wine of the Week: Unwined Pinot Noir 2014

long with Ok. So in all honesty, it’s been somewhat “bleak” lately in the Wine of the Week segments. We haven’t had too many good ones and I’m pretty sad about it, but the other part of me is happy for YOU. Now you know what NOT to buy and you can save your money (and disappointment)- so for this reason, I’m glad, because this was the whole point of this segment.

There have been countless instances with other Moms where the subject of “which wine” to bring came up. I’ve found that, while we all have our “go-to-faves”, we ‘re always open to trying new wines (especially if they’re cheaper!). I hope you’re finding these plain-termed reviews both helpful and entertaining. I love writing them (and trying the wines out, too- of course!).

There are plenty of reviews to go around, but if you don’t have the time and just wanted a quick overview of the ones I enjoyed the most, check out these reds: ConfidencialChateau Ste. Michelle,  Jason Stephens, Two VinesLouis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages, and Love Noir, for rosé check out Kissing Tree Vineyards White Merlot, and for whites, definitely check out Stressed Mommy Chardonnay.

There will be more white wine and Rosé reviews in the future. In the meantime, brace yourself for the latest review…

In this 11th Edition of Wine and Lavender’s Wine of the Week, we’ll be exploring:

Unwined Pinot Noir 2014

Unwined Pinot Noir

HEB Price: $12.98

Sight: Can I just say- What a pretty label! This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good wine, but the label definitely draws you to this bottle. If I was a winemaker, I would choose this label for my wine! I hope its not just the lipstick on a pig. As far as the wine itself, this wine is a little lighter red in tone.

Unwined Pinot NoirSmell: No overbearing fumes… which is always a plus in my book. It SMELLS FRUITY!!! Yay!! But there is a slight “dullness” in that fruitiness- I wonder what that smell is- or is it that the dogs are sitting too close to me? It has a “leafy” smell to it.

Taste/First Impression: There’s a little bit of sweetness to it- it’s somewhat soft and forms a thin coating on the inside of the cheeks. I was expecting it to be sweeter than this, I’m a little disappointed. What happened to all the fruit and sugar?

After taste: Uuuuhhhh… it kind of leaves a little dull taste behind. I can’t really say that this is one of my favorites- or even close to it. I feel like I need to go brush my teeth. The aftertaste makes you overly aware of your taste buds… in a weird way… and my throat is kind of burning.

The Experience: Ok- so I had opened the Vallado Douro Vinho Tinto, decided that I didn’t like that one and opened this one. I wasn’t as disappointed with Unwined as much as I was with Vallado, but I still would have preferred a different wine altogether.

The Next Day: I didn’t really have enough to make a difference the next day- one way or another. This definitely was not a favorite of mine.

Unwined Pinot NoirThe Label: “…ripe, delicate raspberries and strawberries accompanied by flavors of velvety dark berries, nuances of oak spice and a hint of smokiness.” I’m thinking it was the oak spice that was attacking my tongue/taste buds. LOL

Alc. %: 14.9%

Repeat: No thanks. I’m good. It has a pretty bottle, but that’s about it.

Rating: 2 1/2


So that’s my take on the Unwined Pinot Noir. It’s sad, but true… I’ll have to dig deeper into the world of Pinot Noirs, but for now, at least I (and YOU) know not to waste money on this one… there’s at least one good one out there (Love Noir).

Here's a money-saving tip: Don't buy wine based on a pretty label. Here's an example why: Share on X

So what are your thought on Pinot Noirs? Can you suggest a GOOD one for me to try? Leave a name in the comments below.

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