Wine of the Week: Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay

Wine of the Week: Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay

What?!?! Yes… you saw that right! We have a WHITE wine for this week’s Wine of the Week!! I told you it would happen eventually… you just had to give me some time and have a little patience.

Ok, so why did I choose THIS wine? Well, if you recall, a certain Chardonnay (Stressed Mommy Chardonnay) stole my heart not too long ago, so I was excited to see what else was out there, and you already know my feelings for Chateau Ste Michelle (if you listen close enough, you can hear angels singing when you say their name), so… it only seemed like a natural progression.

In this 13th Edition of Wine and Lavender’s Wine of the Week, we will be exploring….

Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay

Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay

Walmart Price: $ 9 (By the way, I found this guy “50% off” at Walgreens… for $9. I’m glad I didn’t pick it up because I found it at Walmart, regularly priced, for $9. (Nice try, Walgreens…)

Sight: It looks very very light- almost white (if you tip the glass enough). It looks like white wine, alright. LOL

Chateau Ste Michelle ChardonnaySmell: It just smells like white wine to me. I can’t pull out any distinct smells or “notes”. One thing I can say is that it doesn’t smell horrible. There are no high alcohol or fume-like smells… so that might be a good sign…

Taste/First Impression: The first taste was completely sour. Sour that turns into dull, with a slight “burn” at the end. I almost feel like I have acid reflux. I DO NOT like this… Husband’s thoughts: “Super Dry, super flavorless…hint of citrus.”

After Taste: The good news is that it doesn’t stick around for too long, but really, I feel like I should pull out the Zantac

The Experience: This my friends, is why you don’t really see me trying white wines… I don’t really like them. Now, I trust Chateau Ste. Michelle with my Cabs and Merlots, but Chardonnay is not their forte. I’m almost tempted to go back to Stressed Mommy Chardonnay and give them a higher rating because the difference between these two Chardonnays is like night and day. However, I’ve only had 1/2 a glass (for good measure, of course- because I had to REALLY make sure I didn’t like it…) and I’m already a little buzzed…

The Next Day: I could not finish this wine, so it was one small glass for me- not enough to give anyone a mild headache or hangover.

Chateau Ste Michelle ChardonnayThe Label: “…this Chardonnay reveals bright apple and citrus fruit character with subtle oak nuances.” Not sure what they’re talking about, all I taste is acid.

Alc. %: 14%

Repeat: No thanks. I think we’ll lay off of the Chardonnay for a while (Unless someone wants to send me a few bottles of Stressed Mommy Chardonnay). But don’t worry, there are other whites out there, like Prosecco and Reisling…

Rating: 2

2 Glasses wine of the week


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Despite my love for Chateau Ste Michelle Cab, they disappointed me on their Chardonnay. Maybe I’m just not a white wine person? After the Texas Wine Revolution, I was able to find a rosé that I like a lot, though… and you can find that review here. I’ll keep working on finding some good whites for ya, though…

Can you suggest some good white wines for me to try? Comment Below.

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4 thoughts on “Wine of the Week: Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay”

    • Thanks so much!! This is the exact reason why I started reviewing them- we were drinking the same thing over and over, and I would get so angry when I’d buy a bottle and it was horrible. I hope these reviews help others save money (and time) and it’s a good way for me to keep track of what I already tried. LOL

  • I used to only drink white wines, usually Punot Grigio. Now I mostly stick with Pinot Noirs and some Cabernet Sauvignan. I had a Chardonnay once that tasted like drinking melted butter. Needless to say I typically steer clear of Chardonnay now. lol

  • Hahahaha “melted butter”. I love that description. I’ve just been having a lot of bad luck with Chardonnays. I think it’s time to try other whites.

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