Science Fiction Science Future at The DoSeum

Science Fiction Science Future at The DoSeum

I was not compensated for this post but did receive complimentary admission to view the exhibition.

STEM. This buzzword has become increasingly more popular amongst parents and educators in recent years. It’s no secret that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are the core applications moving us forward, or into the future, and although the focus around STEM in education seems to be more prevalent today, if we were to take a look back, evidence would suggest that it has always played an essential role in human life.

The DoSeum, an interactive children’s museum in San Antonio, does a great job of bringing this to light in their newest traveling exhibition, Science Fiction Science Future. This exhibition gives us the opportunity to dip into the past and skip into the future to catch a glimpse of the role that STEM has played and continues to play in the course of human development.

Science Fiction Science Future

Designed by Scitech, a company out of Australia and produced in conjunction with Imagine Exhibitions, this traveling exhibition offers children the ability to actively experience STEM first-hand. Through 15 interactives, children are able to see and appreciate the progress that we have made and experience the awesome things that are to come.

The 15 interactives in this exhibition include:

Hey, That Robot’s Copying Me
Mind Control
Beam Me Up
Invisible Me
Augmented Reality Wristbands
Eye Control
Projection Ball
Design a Cyborg
Future Past
Medibioscan 3000
Choose Your Future
Draw Your Future
A Holographic Future
Wormholes Through Space
Our Quantum Future

I had the opportunity to visit the Science Fiction Science Future exhibit myself and found it to be exciting, entertaining, and educational. There is so much to learn about our past and even more about our future!

My favorite exhibit was Future Past. This exhibit displayed, by year, projections of how science would mold our future and it predicted what kind of cool gadgets would become commonplace in everyday life. Shockingly enough, there were many predictions that somewhat resemble some of the things we have today and the fact that some of these predictions were made so long ago is amazing. To see the current predictions for our future is intriguing and it will be amazing to see what the future holds for us.

Here’s a peek of the Science Fiction Science Future exhibit (but there’s so much more than what’s pictured here!) :



The exhibit runs from October 7th through January 6th, 2018- so there’s still plenty of time to see it. It would make for a great winter break outing, holiday gift, and/or a birthday treat.

DoSeum Science Fiction Science Future Exhibition

The DoSeum is a great place to bring children to learn and have fun doing it! They are free to touch, test, get creative, and have fun- all while learning. There are so many programs offered by the DoSeum to include:

PreK Program
Maker Workshops
Partnerships with School Districts
A Variety of Events

Youth under 1 year of age: Free
Visitors: $12
Online Tickets $11

***There are also discounts offered for Military and Educators. There are also Membership options.

Follw the links for more information on the Science Fiction Science Future Exhibition and check out the DoSeum’s website for more activities and fun. There is so much to do and learn at the DoSeum and it’s fun for both parents and children alike.

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Have you been to the DoSeum? Have you seen the Science Fiction Science Future exhibit? What were your thoughts?

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