7 Great Gifts for Kids (that Parents Love, too!)

7 Great Gifts for Kids (that Parents Love, too!)

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There are only 13 more shopping days left until Christmas.

If that doesn’t smother you with a sense of urgency, I don’t know what will. With less than 2 weeks to go, things are getting pretty tense in the retail world and while some of you may already have all of your holiday shopping done, others haven’t even started yet. Why? Well, holiday madness, strict budgets, and a plethora of options makes searching for the “right gift” somewhat overwhelming- especially when it comes to kids.

We all want to buy great gifts for our kids that are not only fun but educational and we want to be able to do this easily (or without the mad dash and price gouging). We all want the types of gifts that make both kids and parents happy… but do these types of gifts actually exist?

Um… yes they do. You just need to know where to look.

And you need to find the time to do your research… but with holiday class parties, work functions, visits with Santa, and regular, everyday life- who has time for that?


(Not to mention the annoyingly-long lines of last-minute holiday shoppers you will likely encounter…)

But again, we’re only 13 days away from Christmas and if you don’t want to risk blowing a large portion of your budget on shipping costs to get your items in time, then skip the research session and check out these items that my kids LOVED.

We did the research for you.

These 7 great gifts for kids (that parents love, too!) can save you from the long lines, research time, and can even save you some money (keep an eye out for the BONUS discounts you can receive just by being here!).

7 Great Gifts for Kids (that Parents Love, too!)

Recently, I received a Babbleboxx that included some great brands like Vince Caputo, WowWee, Helio, and more! A lot, if not all, of these items can make your holiday shopping so much easier, so I wanted to tell you a little about what we got and what we thought:

WowWee Magnaflex

Looking for Great Gifts for Kids? Check out Magnaflex by WowWee. These bendable and connectable magnetic strips are not only fun, but can result in hours of playtime that fosters creativity. Find out more about them here.

This magnetic toy was a hit with my kiddos. It comes with 22 magnetic strips in 10 different colors and 2 sets of different types of connectors (12 in total). The strips are not only magnetic, but bendable, zipable, snapable, and connectable. The building possibilities are endless.

What I absolutely LOVED about the set was that ALL of my children, a toddler and two school-aged kiddos, enjoyed playing with them. That’s right. They ALL had fun with the same set and played together. (GASP!)

Check out this fun construction toy by WowWee! Magnaflex are bendable and connectable magnetic strips that encourage creativity! Find out more about this great gift for kids here.

We decided to start easy by attempting the “Beach Ball”. As easy as it looks, it was definitely challenging enough to inspire my kiddos to come up with some very interesting and clever creations afterward. You can purchase additional kits to create even more magnificent creations and this construction toy definitely provides a more than decent amount of play time for the kiddos. We’ll definitely be adding to our collection.

Check out Magnaflex here.

Helio Night Light Projection System

The Helio Night Light Projection system is more than a great STEM toy, it's an award winning educational toy that is definitely one of the great gifts for kids this holiday season. Find out why both kids and parents love it here.

This is NOT your typical night light. This award-winning projection system will not only keep the “monsters” away, but it also includes 5 educational disks for your child’s viewing pleasure (and Mom’s delight). The disks are educational in nature- featuring animals, the solar system, telling time and beach scenery/words. Additional disks can be purchased that include Nursery Rhymes, Word Families and Phonics, Math Problems and more. This STEM toy goes beyond just a little night light- it’s a clock and educational projection system.

My kiddos chose the solar system disk to “try” and they were wowed by the illuminated solar system projected on their ceiling. It made for a lot of conversation and the kids were excited to see which disk would go in the next night.

There is a digital clock and 30-minute timer that automatically turns the base off after 30 minutes (which beats keeping a light on all night!). No need to worry about stocking up on batteries, either. This system comes with an AC adaptor. (Yay!) This is also a gift that can grow with your children because the additional disks keep up with what they are learning as they grow.

This STEM toy, the Helio Night Light Projection system, is more than a toy- it's a great gift for kids- find out why here.

Check out Helio here.

BONUS: If you buy one Helio and enter the code: LearningLight, you get the second for only $34.95- (Good through April 2018).

Viv & Lou Duffel Bag

This cute duffel bag for kids can be personalized and is the perfect size for Kids' travel. Find out what else makes it a great gift for kids here.

My daughter squealed when she saw this bag and I have to be honest, I was quite excited, too. Not only is it spacious but the pattern is cute, and this bag will be so useful for our family!! It can be used for overnights, team practices, vacation- basically anytime your little one needs to transport personal belongings.

Another great thing about this duffel bag it is that it’s a good size. It’s big enough to hold everything she’ll need, but also small enough for her to transport herself. It can also be personalized by adding a monogram- which makes it a very special children’s gift. If you’re looking for a bag for kids’ travel or practice, this one should definitely be a contender.

Check out everything Viv & Lou here. 

BONUS: Get 25% off your order by using the code WINEANDLAVENDAR

Vince Camuto Boys Gradie High Top Sneaker in Navy

This high top leather lined sneaker by Vince Camuto is a great gift for kids and parents alike. Find out more about the Boys Gradie High Top Sneaker in Navy here.

My little guy is the laid-back type. He’s not much interested in getting dressed up, so these shoes are PERFECT for all the functions that require more than just sneakers. They are comfortable, stylish, and durable- making them great for him and perfect for me. These high top sneakers are leather lined and are good for everyday use and function. He gets to “dress down” and I secretly get him to “dress up”- it’s a win for us both.

Check out Vince Camuto here.

Candlewick Press: The Wonderling by Mira Bartok

One of the best books for kids (and a great gift for kids) is Candlewick Press The Wondering by Mira Bartok. Find out what makes this children's book so special here.

One of the best gifts to give is the gift of imagination. It breeds creativity and fosters a sense of adventure in our kiddos. (It also keeps them off electronics- willingly!) My kiddo is a bookworm and loves a good book but even if she wasn’t, the cover illustration on this hardcover book was phenomenal enough to draw a considerable amount of attention to it.

The Wonderling is a great middle-grade adventure book by New York Times bestselling author, Mira Bartók. This story is about a fox who finds himself and discovers his true value with the help of a friend. It brings up pressing modern-day dilemmas like bullying, doing the right thing, and being yourself. It empowers the reader to look past their downfalls and see their true worth. There are so many real-life lessons that can be learned from this book and it’s an incredible read. It’s gift-worthy and sure to become a classic.

Find out more about The Wonderling here.

BONUS: Use the discount code CANDLEWICK for 25% off of your purchase and FREE SHIPPING.

PEZ: Christmas Ornament Collection & Holiday Tube

I even have some stocking stuffers for you! PEZ dispensers and candy have been a long time favorite of kids. Each PEZ dispenser features a character and holds candy (that’s refillable). We received one mini-dispenser Christmas ornament and a holiday tube- one is great for the tree and the other fits perfectly in a stocking. We put Santa on our tree right away.

Pez Christmas Ornament Collection and Holiday Tubes make great stocking stuffers and gifts for kids. Find out why here.

The ornament came with 2 refills and the tube with 7 candy refills in the flavors: cherry, grape, orange, and lemon. The kids love to munch on these and they continue playing with the dispensers long after the candy is gone. (Stocking stuffer idea- more PEZ refills!). These are cute, collectible, and affordable.

Find out more about PEZ here.

Petlanthropy: Donation Gift Cards

This last item really hit home. Christmas is the time of the year where holiday spirit and giving go hand in hand. I’ve mentioned it before on the blog how important it is to show kids the value of being a good citizen and helping out. The gift of giving is what the whole season is about and being the proud parents of two shelter pups, we were more than pleased to receive this gift of donation.

Petlanthropy Donation Gift Cards can be used to make a donation to a local animal shelter and/or project you feel strongly about. We received a $25 donation gift card in our box and are very excited to use it!

Showing kids kindness through giving is what the holiday season is all about. Find out how Petlanthropy donation gift cards can be a great gift for kids (and pets!) here.

Beginning December 24th, you can choose a local animal shelter project or donation page to donate to with a Petlanthropy gift card. We are excited to be able to donate to SAPA or San Antonio Pets Alive.

From personal experience, I can say that donating to these wonderful pet organizations is wonderful. Watching our wonderful shelter pups grow into obedient, loyal, and loving family members has proved to me that every pet deserves a second chance. Organizations like SAPA make that possible and Petlanthropy is a great way to get them the help they need.

We love knowing that our contribution will help pets like our dogs to get medical attention and find a forever home that will care for them in the way they deserve. Giving a scared and vulnerable pet another chance at life is one of the most beautiful gifts that you can give and we absolutely loved this gift idea.

Check out Petlanthropy here.

BONUS: You can receive special furry and fun surprises when you purchase, share, and gift Petlanthropy Gift Cards. Check it out!

Gifts We All Love

All of these items were wonderful. The kids were so happy to get them and continue to play with them. I love the fact that many of them were educational and all of them serve more than one purpose. They truly are great gifts for kids (that parents love, too!). As far as BabbleBoxx is concerned, I love the thought they put into each themed box. The items were not only useful, but made of quality and most importantly, the kids LOVE them all.

Get them gifts that you will ALL love! Check out 7 Great Gifts for Kids (That Parents Love, too!). #Ad #BBoxxKidspiration Share on X


Which equally enjoyable gifts did you get your kids or the kids in your life this year? Let us know below!


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