10 Indoor Activities for Kids to Beat the Summer Heat

10 Indoor Activities for Kids to Beat the Summer Heat

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all mine.

There’s still a few weeks of summer vacation left and we’re on a mission to make the most of it! We’ve already gone on our last weekend getaway (I can’t wait to post about it!!), have a community pool that can cool us off (at least in the morning), and have arranged for some indoor activities for kids to finish the summer off nicely.

See, for most people across the US, summer is all about getting out and enjoying the weather, but it’s a little different down here in Texas. The triple digit temps make it- well, DANGEROUS to be outside during the day. Keeping kids cool in the Texas heat is one area I’ve become adept in since moving here.

Mainly because I don’t do heat well…

10 Indoor Activities for Kids to Beat the Heat 

From toddlers to older kids, there are plenty of fun indoor activities and games to play this summer! Find out how to beat the heat here.

As always, keeping these kiddos busy (before they drive me nuts) is essential to my survival, so finding both adequate AC and a way to keep the kids active is a must. To keep the kids cool (and my makeup from dripping onto my clothes) here are a few places we go to beat the heat:

  • Local Library
  • Movie Theatre
  • Bowling Alley
  • Roller Skating Rink
  • Indoor Mini Golf
  • Indoor Arcades
  • Trampoline Parks
  • Museum
  • Theatre

These are all great places to bring the kids that won’t leave you susceptible to heat stroke, but one of my favorite indoor activity kids places is Chuck E Cheese’s and here’s why…

Chuck E Cheese’s

Chuck E Cheese's is one of the best indoor activities for kids when you're looking for fun and want to beat the heat! Find out how they've changed here.

It Has Everything: Hear me out on this one. Everything is already there- food, fun, and entertainment. You don’t have to worry about feeding the kids and there’s a great buffet with healthier options, too.

“A Kid can be a kid.”: Unlike the library, museum, theatre, or movie theatre, kids are allowed to be themselves- however loud and active that may be. There’s not much that you need to do as a parent. You can just sit back and let them enjoy their time.

It Appeals to Different Ages: It’s a great place to take kids of different ages, too (not many indoor arcades, bowling alleys, or mini-golf places are fun for the littlest ones). They seem to have age-appropriate games for little ones up to tweens- which makes everyone happy.

Security: I also enjoy the fact that there is a security system in place to ensure that no child leaves without the adult they arrived with- this is definitely a plus when you have three kids and only two hands.

Staying Safe: As far as bodily harm -because we all have or know a crazy kid that can quickly turn a fun activity into a trip to the ER- most of Chuck E Cheese’s games don’t pose a threat to anyone’s health (which beats out the roller skating rink and trampoline park nightmares I have).

The NEW Chuck E Cheese’s

The grand re-opening of Chuck E Cheese's was fun! Find out how they've changed here.

I have such great memories of Chuck E Cheese’s from my childhood and love that I can share that with my children, but this chain is changing- for the better.

They recently teamed up with Tesser, a San Francisco-based design firm to remodel their flagship locations in San Antonio. We were invited to the grand re-opening of their Stone Oak location last week and the kids had a blast!

We got to take a cooking class and made our very own pizzas! (Which we subsequently devoured- they were yummy.)

One fun indoor activity for kids is a visit to Chuck E Cheese! Find out why and what changes their remodel has made! Click here.

They played games, danced, and had tons of fun collecting tickets. Meanwhile, when I wasn’t busy snapping photos, I got a little time to relax and talk to other Moms. The staff was amazing- the characters came out and played with the kids, danced with them, and every now and then, you’d see them playing the games, too.

From toddlers to tweens, here's a list of 10 fun indoor activities for kids to beat the heat during the summer. Click here.

And of course, at the end of our visit, we collected enough tickets to get all the kids some decent prizes (which they were SUPER happy about). We really enjoyed the whole event. A lot has changed at Chuck E Cheese’s!

Here are 10 indoor activities for kids to have fun this summer (and beat the heat!) Click here.

Here are few things that are new about Chuck E Cheese’s that you can expect on your next visit:

  • A new design that is appealing to both kids AND adults. They’ve added warm wood, neutral tones and streamlined graphics that makes adults feel comfortable and calm, while still appealing to kids as a fun and friendly environment.
  • The new design highlights the pizza-making process with an open kitchen that allows guests to watch the pizzas being made from scratch daily.
  • The lunch buffet has been moved closer to the open kitchen to display its fresh ingredients.
  • You can now order from self-service kiosks located at the front of the store- which makes the arrival process so much easier!
  • They’ve added a dozen new games (The kids LOVED that part) and all the games are played with the ‘tap-to-play’ Play Pass game card system. Instead of carrying around a cup of coins, kids get a card that can be filled with credits. This makes it easier for little ones and big kids alike to carry around (and it keeps those random Chuck E Cheese’s coins out of your wallet!).
  • The Birthday Zone is revamped and bigger. The Chuck E Cheese’s characters are laid out on the wall next to each table, making it easier for kids (and adults) to find their party.
  • There is now a new light-up dance floor in the middle of the restaurant that hosts an hourly live show. This is also where the birthday show takes place, which is nice because it’s easier for everyone to see and be a part of.

Click here for 10 indoor activities for kids to have fun and beat the summer heat!

Beating the Heat with Kids

Although the Texas heat can be a killer, we do get to enjoy beautiful weather the rest of the year. Just like you might hibernate in the winter, we hibernate for a month or two during the summer. It evens out. I actually prefer it this way because the weather the rest of the year is more enjoyable (no double layering for Trick or Treating and/or no snow to shovel!).

Keeping the kids busy during the summer heat can be a challenge, but finding indoor kids activities in San Antonio is a breeze (pun intended). Check out Chuck E Cheese’s new layout- I think you’ll like it!

Check out the new design at @ChuckECheeses and beat the summer heat with #kids!! #Ad Share on X

If you’re looking for more ways to keep the kids busy, check out Keeping Kids Busy Without Using TV, 20 Ways to Keep Kids Busy During Spring Break, and Winter Break.

How do you keep cool during the summer? Have you seen the new Chuck E. Cheese’s?

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