10 Things to Do With Your Kids Before the School Year Ends

10 Things to Do With Your Kids Before the School Year Ends

Another school year has flown by, blind-siding parents everywhere. Although it may feel like the first day of school was just last week, the truth is: SUMMER IS COMING. Brace yourselves, Moms!

While it may get a little hot and hectic, we have to remember that for kids, summer is that time of the year when they get to live and play to the fullest, and fond memories are made. Through water fun, vacations, and plenty of time to get active- kids absorb childhood through hot summer days and fun summer nights.

But before the school year ends, it’s important to record the memories and experiences they’ve had during the school year, make goals for the summer, and plan and prepare for the best summer ever! So before the arrival of summer catches you off guard, here are:

10 Things to Do With Your Kids Before the School Year Ends

Summer is coming, Moms! Here are 10 things to do with your kids before the school year ends to preserve and create memories! Free printables included. Click here to get started on your bucket list.

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Take a picture.

If you did this at the beginning of the year, it’ll be fun to see how much your child has grown over the school year. If you weren’t able to get a picture (hey, life happens…) now’s your chance to get one to compare at the end of the summer. Don’t forget to get in a picture with them, too! (Find out why here.)

Have your child fill out this keepsake. (Free Printable)

Fill out this End of the School Year Keepsake, file it in their baby book, or keep it with their keepsakes. It is always nice to look back later on and see how much they’ve grown.

Thank their Teacher(s) (Free Printable)

Although we already have Teacher Appreciation Week, having your child write a personal letter or thank you note to their teacher at the end of the year is another way of showing our hard-working teachers gratitude while teaching our children to be grateful. For their teacher, it’s a nice reminder that what they are doing is making a difference in the lives of their students, and overworked teachers need and love to hear that! They’ve been a mentor and guide to your child throughout the school year, and deserve a kind note. (This printable is also another way for teachers to gauge which lessons and/or methods were liked best!) Get it here:  Teacher Thank You Note

Get their Friends’ Contact Info.

Summer is even more fun with friends! Be sure to get contact information for the kids your child likes to play with in class. (If you don’t already have it.) Staying in touch with friends over the summer will keep the kids busy and help to easily transition them into the next school year. You might make a few Mom friends, too!

Make a Personal Goal List (Free Printable)

Does your child want to learn to swim before the next school year? Write a book? Make money? What personal goals do they have before entering the next grade? Make a list and work towards it over the summer. This helps your child to learn good goal setting and achieving skills. Here’s a Personal Goal List to fill out.

Here are 10 things to do with your kids before the school year ends and 4 free printables to get you preserving and creating memories!! Click here.

Make a Summer Vacation Bucket List. (Free Printable)

Before school lets out, find out what your kids want to do or where they want to go this summer. Create a Summer Bucket List together and make vacation plans, schedule day trips, weekend getaways, or family vacations. This keeps everyone busy and happy! (TIP: Check out Ebates for deals and discounts on airfare and lodging, and get more frugal family vacation tips in How to Plan a Cheap Family Vacation!)

Plan an end of the year celebration.

Nothing says summer like a celebration. Something as simple as going out for ice cream, or visiting a theme park are great ways to kick-off summer celebrations. If you’d like to go bigger, you can also get classmates involved and have an ice cream social or water gun/balloon fight.  (TIP: Check out Groupon for great deals on outings!)

Pick up a summer workbook.

Summer is all about fun and play, but taking some time (weekly, on a rainy day, or while traveling to your vacation spot) to go over what they’ve learned this year will help them to keep it fresh and better prepare them for the next year. Check out this Summer Bridge Workbook.

Talk Summer Safety

Before the school year ends, it’s absolutely essential to talk to your kids about summer safety. From outdoor play, to water play and electronics, going over some safety essentials is important to keeping your child safe this summer. If you’re taking the kids to the pool by yourself, check this out.

Get Summer-Ready

Do they have swimsuits? Water shoes? Goggles? Do they need a new helmet, blow-up pool, beach toys, or air in their tires? Kick off summer fun by making sure you’re equipped to do so! Check out this article for more ideas, checklists, packing lists, and free printables.

Have a Great Summer

Don’t forget to have fun, get some sun, and get around. Make this summer memorable for your children, and don’t forget to record the memories!

If you’re looking for some fun activities to do, check out my Spring, Winter and Non-TV activity posts. If the summer sun has your kids cranky and bickering, check out How to Get Siblings to Stop Fighting.

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What are your plans for the summer? Did the school year fly by for you, too- or is it just me?

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  • These are such great ideas! I love the personal goal list. I can just imagine what my 5 year old would say. She currently wants to save enough money to buy a rocket ship, lol!

    • Hey Brenda!! Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you liked the printables. Your 5yo old daughter sounds like a smart and AWESOME little girl!! I want a rocket ship, too!

  • I wish I would have seen this earlier- it really is a nice keepsake and the goals are a great idea.

    • Hey Kari! Thanks for stopping by- and yes, it’s nice to look back later and see what they thought of the world when they were younger. 🙂

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