The Best Beach Vacation Packing List (& Tips) for Families

The Best Beach Vacation Packing List (& Tips) for Families

A few weekends ago, we braved a 3-hour road trip with a fussy toddler and 2 kids for some “relaxing” beach vacation time. The traveling part aside, the whole trip went rather smoothly, and that’s because of good planning and packing (on my part, THANK YOU!). Packing for a 4-day beach trip doesn’t have to be complicated, you just have to make sure you pack what you need and leave out what you don’t. (Sometimes psychic powers help to plan for one-off situations, too.)

In all seriousness, forgetting to pack things can result in spending more money and sometimes, not being able to enjoy your vacation. Through plenty of packing experience, I’m here to give you some beach vacation packing tips and a printable packing list to make sure your beach vacation runs smoothly…

Beach Vacation Packing List & Tips

Here's a free printable Beach Vacation Packing List to help make your family vacation (and packing with kids) easier! Click here for the printable.


There I was on the night before our trip- screaming and yelling with clothes strewn about everywhere, while the whole family sat watching from the couch. (Thanks, guys.) But despite all the pre-vacation stress, I was able to pack smartly because of prep and planning. Wanna know what I did? Read on…


We had the laundry going all day long- washing everything we needed for the trip (plus, I didn’t really want to leave dirty clothes sitting around in the house for a few days and wanted to get as much clean as possible before we left).

Suitcase Train

The clean laundry was folded and placed on my bed, the suitcases lined up on the floor, and I went person by person (or suitcase by suitcase) packing what we would need for each day starting with the first day we got there (pjs, underwear, etc…). When you do this train-style, it’s helpful because it ensures that each person gets what they need.


Everything that was going into the trunk the day of our trip was neatly situated in the garage, ready to be thrown in the car the next morning. Items like the canopy, wagon, picnic blanket, beach toys, pool bag, and the stroller were stacked and ready. All we would need from inside were the suitcases and snack bag.

Pool Bag

I packed a separate bag with towels, swimsuits, sunscreen, and pool toys. This way, if our room wasn’t ready when we arrived (we were set to arrive 3 hours before check-in), we could easily change and get our energy-full kids out of the car and into the pool right away. With everything in one bag, there was no searching or ransacking through suitcases necessary.


We bought a French loaf (cheaper than a loaf of sliced bread- and tastes better, too!) and made a giant sandwich that we cut up into slices. We packed that and enough snacks to get us through the 3-hour trip. In all honesty, we didn’t really need the snacks because it was a shorter drive and we didn’t want to encourage the kids to drink anything for fear of having to make stops. BUT since our hotel didn’t allow check-in until later in the afternoon, it worked out perfectly to have food (lunch) ready to eat as soon as we got there- which just so happened to be lunch time.


It helps to pack in bags, or dedicate each bag to a certain event during the trip. Each person has their own clothes bag (suitcase), then come the shared toiletries bags, and then you have the pool bag, the snack bag, and finally, the beach wagon. This is a lot to take in, so I created a FREE PRINTABLE for you. Check it out below.

Here are some packing lists containing what goes into each bag when you’re on a 4-Day Trip:

In Our Suitcases…

5 Outfits

2 PJ’s

2 Bathing Suits (Because they never dry completely overnight and who wants to put on a wet bathing suit in the morning?)

8 Pairs of Underwear

Bras (don’t forget strapless if you need them!)

Flip Flops/Crocs/Shoes

Hair Brush

Hair Things

Books/Toys (Not too many, just enough to keep the kids busy on the drive and in the room at night when we’re all relaxing).



Jackets (you never know when you’re gonna need one!)

Kid’s Toiletries Bag


Body Wash

3 Washcloths (Because I hate using the thick washcloths at hotels)







Mom’s Toiletries Bag

I keep this bag packed always so that I don’t have to put wet toothbrushes in it and so that I don’t forget anything- like deodorant- before a trip. This comes in handy in emergency situations, too- I once ended up in the hospital with one of my children and was able to tell my husband just to grab me an outfit and the toiletries bag. It made things a lot easier.


Body Wash

1 Washcloths (Because I hate using the thick washcloths at hotels)

Hairspray/Gel/Hair Cream







Makeup Remover Pads

Face wash




Medicines & Tylenol or Motrin


(The Sunscreen should already be in the pool Bag)

Husband’s Toiletries Bag


Body Wash





Pool Bag



Pool toys/Goggles

Snack Bag

Of course, once you get to the beach, you’ll be able to put some of these items in the refrigerator so that you can take only what you need to the pool and/or beach.

Cold Brew Coffee






Fruit Snacks

Fruit Squeezes

Water Bottles

Tumbler Cup w/straw



planning a beach vacation with the family? Get your free beach vacation packing list printable here and make your vacation easier! Check it out:


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The following is a list of what we packed for the beach. It was the most efficient packing system I have had to date and despite a few minor items that could have been included (see those below) this was the perfect packing plan. Many of these items can be thrown in the car the night before so your only worry before the trip is the suitcases…

  1. Wagon- Because I’m not carrying a bunch of stuff. The wagon held everything and was perfect for transporting it all. I had gotten the wagon with a removable canopy which was great because it shielded our items (and kids) from the sun when needed and last year, my son was able to take a nap in it.
  2. Canopy- Because of the sun. We had 4 adults and 3 kids- the 10×10 slanted leg tent with removable canopy worked perfectly. We were able to set it up quickly, and during the hottest point of the day, we just removed the canopy- packed everything else up, but left the frame on the beach (it was a private beach and this was allowed) for later use.
  3. Oversized Picnic Blanket- Because I wasn’t going to wash a million towels. While the kids (and adults) spent very little time on the blanket, it was nice to have something to sit on while relaxing under the canopy. It was an oversized picnic blanket that folded up into a neat carrying case. Worked perfectly.
  4. Plastic Bag for Trash- Especially if you have a little one in diapers or if you brought snacks to the beach with you, a plastic shopping bag is great to have to keep the trash from flying away.
  5. Ziplock Bag- Your kids will want to collect shells. Ziplock bags work great for this.
  6. Mesh Bag- Because you want to keep all the wet stuff together, but able to dry and most importantly, you want the toys in, but the sand out.
  7. Goggles- Because beach water stings the eyes and they are relatively small and easily portable.
  8. Towels- Although I packed 7 (1 for each family member and 2 extras), I only brought 4 to the beach because we could share, they dry quickly and I wanted to reserve some clean ones for the rest of the trip.
  9. Sunscreen- Don’t forget to bring it with you! It should be applied 30 minutes before heading to the beach, and should be reapplied frequently especially during water play. I prefer a sunscreen lotion for the face so as to not get in anyone’s eyes. I also prefer to spray it on outside or on a balcony so as to not get the room smelling like it.
  10. An Extra Bucket- Keep one bucket at the canopy for washing hands of sand. We had a collapsible one that was great for taking places. I definitely reccomend it!
  11. Water Bottles- Stay hydrated!
  12. A Washcloth- For washing eyes if sunscreen/salt water gets into them. I bring a washcloth and pour water from the water bottle on it to clean eyes.
  13. Sunglasses- BUT don’t forget to take them off before you get in the water!! I lost a pair that way this trip.
  14. Snack Bag- The kids almost always want a snack, so I bring a large ziplock of heat-proof snacks while we’re on the beach. If you’re going to spend the day and need to bring lunch, a collapsible cooler instead of a hard one is better for lugging around.
  15. Waterproof Bag- For your phone, room key, and keys- it’s easier to have a small waterproof bag to carry around instead of a purse.


We planned our stay at a place with a fully-stocked kitchen because we wanted to keep food costs down. The first night we got there, we ate out and afterward went to HEB (grocery store) to pick up food. We didn’t bring too much from home because our check-in was at 4 pm and we were arriving at noon. We weren’t sure if we’d get into the room early and didn’t want food to spoil, so leaving the shopping trip for when we got there seemed like the best thing to do. Here’s what we brought and/or bought to save money on food:

Food From Home:

-Made Cold Brew at home and put it in a container (since it’s hard to find iced lattes on the beach).

-Creamer (for the cold brew or regular coffee)



-Butter (We forgot it this time, but with the printable, we’ll be fine next time!)

-Wine Bottle Opener (Don’t assume they’ll have one!)

What We Bought At HEB:

-Giant loaf




-Frozen Meatballs

-Pasta Sauce



-Bacon Bits

-Pico De Gallo

-Bagged Broccoli

-Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches

-Pre-cooked brisket

-Hot Dogs

-Frozen Burgers







-Water Bottles

-Hot Dog Buns

-Burger Buns

-Fruit Snacks

-Fruit Squeezes

-Snack-Sized chips

-Wine and/or Beer (if you drink)

From what we brought from home and this list, we were able to feed a family of 5 for 4 days (with the exception of going out to eat once). We had frozen breakfast sandwiches or breakfast tacos for breakfast, burgers, hotdogs, or sandwiches for lunch, and spaghetti and meatballs or brisket for dinner.

Our hotel had an outdoor grill area, so it was easy to cook outside. We bought the spaghetti and meatballs just in case of bad weather, and it worked out perfectly. Although all the planning went well, the food menu was done on the fly and the goal for the next trip is to plan for healthier meals.

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I hope this post has helped you prepare for your beach trip. We always have fun going to the beach and as the kids get older, there’s less to carry and more fun to be had!

For more tips and tricks, check out How to Plan a Cheap Family Vacation and How to Swim Safely with Multiple Kids (When You’re Alone).

What do you bring to the beach that makes your trip easier?

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