Why You Need Imperfect Family Photos

Why You Need Imperfect Family Photos

It’s blue-bonnet season in San Antonio and while they’re popping up everywhere, so are photographer recommendations on various Facebook Mom Groups. Blue-bonnet family portraits are a thing here- and with good reason. They’re very pretty flowers that make for an incredible backdrop from which to showcase your beautiful family. How I’d love to have a set of these beautiful pictures! But we’ve been here for four years and have yet to take them…

In fact, the most recent family portrait that’s hanging on our wall is 5 years old.

Being Imperfect

There’s a million reasons for this- like having the kids be able to sit through a session, finding the time, money, and right photographer for the job (to name a few), but the main reason why we haven’t taken another family portrait is because of me. See, when you’re about to spend hundreds of dollars on finding the right outfits, background, and hairstyles, you want to make sure it’s all perfect. You want to make sure you look perfect.

I haven’t quite reached “perfect” status, yet.

I’m not the right weight or size required to produce these “perfect” family photos. In fact, as it is with most Moms, I’m not even in as many iPhone photos as I’d like to be in, either. Why? Well, for one, I’m normally the one taking them, and secondly, I tend to hate the ones that are taken of me- because I’m unhappy with myself.

It’s frustrating to know that the past five years of our lives have gone by without recording any good pictures of our family together- all because of my own insecurities and selfishness. I still have another 20 pounds to lose before I **might** be happy with the results of a pricey family portrait, and I’ve been trying to lose that over the past two years… So it begs the questions: 1. Will it (the weight loss) ever happen? and 2. Will it (family photos) ever happen?

When taking family pictures, we're always concerned about what to wear, how to pose, where to shoot, and most importantly, how we look. Some of us delay getting Family Portraits done because we're not ready because of our physical appearance. Here's why you need to take imperfect family photos, family pictures, or family portraits- now!

Imperfect Photo, Perfect Reason

At this point, I guess I’m just waiting until the frustration builds up to the point where I just give in. (That’s what happened last time). It doesn’t seem like this will happen before the blue-bonnets wilt away- which is likely to be very soon- so there goes another year of wasted opportunity. Another year of our lives gone by.

This story is getting old, and I’ve recently come to realize a few things.

Here’s the thing: these portraits aren’t for Vogue or Cosmopolitan. They’re for my family- who loves me no matter how many pounds I think I need to lose. My family doesn’t care about my chubby cheeks and belly fat. They love me for who I am- they don’t see the overweight and aging mother of three that I see- they see their Mama, who they love to smother with affection- and if I was a smart woman, I’d capture this moment in time while I can.

These portraits aren’t about my personal struggle with weight loss and fitness. They are about capturing a moment in time of our family. Something they’ll enjoy long after I’m gone.

I’m going to need to accept the fact that there will never be a “perfect” time to take family portraits- from my point of view, anyway. Furthermore, however they turn out, these pictures are a perfect capture of us- at this moment of time.

The Perfect Family Photos

The stars seem to be aligning- I’ve found the perfect photographer (you need to check her out at Anna Agenend Photography– she’s been featured on Today Parents here and here, and her pictures are amazing. You can also check her out on her blog). I’m also willing to look past the financial sacrifice to make it happen.

The REAL obstacles at this point are to get out to a field before the bonnets wilt away (which really puts a damper on this year, since this is likely to happen this week), and to get over myself.

So if you’re like me and have been waiting for the “perfect” weight or scenario (kids who will sit still for the session) to get portraits done, you need to ask yourself why. There won’t ever be a perfect time- just the perfect reason. Stop knocking yourself down, start taking more pictures with your children, and preserve these memories for them. Let them be silly and forget about how you look to YOU.

Don’t forget to ask someone, -anyone-, to snap pictures of you and your kids, because no matter what you look like, in their eyes, you’ll always be beautiful. Also, allowing their character (silliness, fussiness) to come through creates a distinct image of who they are right now, and that’s definitely something you’ll want to hold on to.

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Check out how I’m working on losing those daunting 20 pounds here and how you can keep the kids somewhat settled for your photo session here.

When’s the last time you took family photos? Do you get in pictures enough with your kids? Comment below.

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  • I really need to get in more pictures with my kids. I feel like my husband should offer to take more pictures of me and the kids, but I guess I need to start asking! lol I know he’s not a mind reader, but I need him to be one sometimes!

    • I feel the same way- and quite honestly, I don’t like the way I look sometimes and prefer not to be photographed! LOL Thamks for stopping by!!

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