7 Tips to Survive the First Month with a Newborn

7 Tips to Survive the First Month with a Newborn

A few days ago, I posted 10 Ways to get Your Newborn on a Sleep Schedule. Have you tried any of them yet? As a parent, you’ll quickly learn that everything takes time, patience and consistency to master. You can find posts that promise to potty train, get rid of pacifiers or get your kids to sleep through the night in 3 days or less, but I have to question whether they work or not.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.” 

If you’re a new Mom haven’t already figured it out, this parenting thing is going to be a long and tedious roller coaster in which the only thing holding you down is time and patience. But enough about that.

Let’s get on to you, Mom. What will you do with all your free time once you finally get baby down? During the first month, you’ll need just as much rest as your little one does and it might be difficult to get. In fact, you might find yourself overwhelmed between baby, laundry, eating, and feeding. So what do you do?

Well, here are:

7 Tips to Survive the First Month with a Newborn

Surviving the first month with a newborn might not be easy, but here are some tips to make it easier on you, Mom!!

1) DO Laundry… but only 1/2 of it at a time. After you put baby down for their morning nap (or if you can sneak it in right before you put them down), throw in a load of laundry. Then take a nap. Associating laundry and nap time is what kept the process going when I had my first baby. This way, half of the process will be complete when you both get up and you can move on to switching it before or during the next nap. The great thing about this is it creates white noise during nap time, too. (TIP: Leave towels for the last load…they can sit in the dryer all night and no one will care if they are wrinkled.)


2) DO Eat. If you or your support system prepared and froze meals ahead of time, great! If not, then you’ll need to either cook and/or prep as you go or stock up on some store bought ones for the first month or so. You will need some real nutrition during this time, so snacking on raw veggies is also a quick and easy way to stay healthy and fed.

Another option is to invest in a food delivery service. I know this seems like a large investment, but it might even save you the trip to the supermarket (which is lovely). You can get fresh food delivered to your doorstep, which can save you all the hassle. I would have LOVED to have this option when my first baby was born. It could have saved me so much stress!

3) DO Buy Paper Plates. I know it sounds horrible, but if you don’t have a lot of help, investing in some paper plates -at least for the first month- can help a lot with the dishwasher load. You won’t have a lot of time for dirty dishes and such. Any time you have should be spent meal prepping, showering, or doing laundry (because there will be a lot of laundry!), so paper plate it up!

4) DO SHIPT or curbside pickup. I would have loved a grocery delivery or curbside pickup option when I had my first baby. Babies tend to fall asleep in the car and having to take them out is the first half of the battle. Then once you’re in the store, the safest place for their car seat is in the cart, which leaves you with limited space for food. Then you’re at the mercy of their mood.

Have you ever had to leave a full cart behind because the baby was super upset? 

It’s very frustrating. If grocery delivery (or curbside pickup) is something you can swing, it can save you a lot of time and stress.

5) DO Welcome your closest loved ones. If you have someone able and willing to come and help, take them up on the offer! Even if your husband is home during this time, you will both likely be sleep deprived and having someone to help cook and clean while you all get rest in invaluable.

6) DO Limit other visitors. It’s nice to see everyone, but you both need your rest and trust me- you don’t want to risk the germs! If it’s a close relative or friend who can help, then you might want to have them come so you can get rest. As for everyone else- the less amount of stress on you and the less amount of new germs around the baby is best.

7) DO Take care of yourself. Sure, you might think you hear babies crying while you’re in the shower, but trust that your husband or someone else can take care of it- at least for a little bit so you can shower. It does a world of good for you to continue taking care of yourself after baby comes. DOn’t forget to continue taking your vitamins and eating well!

Life with a Newborn

I would argue that the first month with a newborn is the hardest because your body is still healing and you need rest. If it’s your first baby, your life will also be doing a lot of adjusting, which takes time to process. My first month with my first baby was a very difficult one (that requires it’s own post to explain) but these 7 tips are definitely a great start in making that first month with a newborn a little easier on you. Above all, don’t forget to take care of yourself because you can’t care for them if you’re not okay.

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What kind of tips can you add to this list?

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