Experience the Battle of the Alamo at Battle for Texas!

Experience the Battle of the Alamo at Battle for Texas!

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Have you ever been to the Alamo? 

In the fours years I’ve lived in San Antonio, I’ve been to the Alamo more than five times (and once before we moved here). It’s the first thing that comes to mind when people mention San Antonio and is a great source of pride for Texans. As a standing historic symbol of the courage and bravery of the people of Texas, the Alamo is a reminder that some things are worth fighting for.

While it’s great to see the site where brave soldiers fought for this land, experiencing the battle is a whole other story.

Have you experienced the battle?

The Alamo is definitely rich in history and information that’s backed by artifacts, but it’s difficult to imagine the emotions of the time if you weren’t there. Battle for Texas is an exhibition that takes you inside the battle, giving you the full experience: information, artifacts, and emotions.

If San Antonio or the Alamo are on your bucket list, or if you’re a San Antonian who would love to experience it for yourself, I recommend that you visit this exhibition. (Scroll down for more information on how you can score 4 FREE TICKETS to experience it for yourself!)

Battle For Texas

Come experience the Battle of the Alamo in San Antonio Texas at Battle for Texas, an exhibition of 250+ artifacts from the battle. Find out more here.

Battle for Texas is an exhibition of 250 never-before-seen artifacts from the battle at the Alamo that provides each visitor with an in-depth experience of what it was like to be a Texan during the battle.

This experience leaves each guest feeling as if they were there. 

You’re given everything that you need to know about the battle- the events leading up to it, the conflicts, the people, culture, and what every day life was like. It’s definitely a wealth of information that helps you to gain the perspective from all of those involved- from the early settlers to the major players and soldiers.

It’s informative and you’ll learn a lot, but Battle for Texas takes it one step further and transports you back in time so that you can also experience the feeling and emotions surrounding the battle. I cannot go into detail about exactly how they do it (I don’t want to ruin it for you- it’s something you need to experience for yourself!), but I can tell you what my experience was like.

My Experience at the Battle of the Alamo

Battle for Texas is an exhibition of 250+ artifacts from the battle at the Alamo. Come experience what is was like to have been there through amazing re enactments and information. Click here to learn more.

An extremely knowledgable guide lead us through the history and culture of the time. She was like an open history book! Piece by piece, she gave us an idea of what the culture was like and emphasized the different struggles faced by the early Texas Settlers before and during the battle.

Major players like Bowie, Travis, Crockett, Sequin and Santa Anna are discussed in great detail- what kind of men they were, on and off the battlefield, and what their role in the revolution was.  You come to understand their personalities better, their perspectives, and their actors did an incredible job of portraying them.

Like piecing together a puzzle, Battle for Texas gives a well-rounded perspective into the story of the Texas Revolution. The re-enactments were definitely emotion-provoking and helped me to feel like I was experiencing the battle- not just visiting a site. Don’t get me wrong, the Alamo is a wonderful place to go to see where Texans fought so hard for Texas, but Battle for Texas is a great place to go if you want to FEEL it.

The amount of pride I had for Texas and Texas (being a Texas implant) after this exhibition is indescribable.

Live the Story

Actors from the Battle for Texas exhibition in San Antonio, Texas bring you through the experience by providing you with the history and emotions of the time. Check it out here.

This experience is appropriate for elementary school children and older. It is an in-depth exploration, so there is a lot of information you will be given and your attention is necessary. For this reason, I don’t recommend this as an experience for very little ones.

The whole presentation takes about 45 minutes to experience and Battle for Texas is conveniently located in the Shops at Rivercenter. You have plenty of time to walk around, eat, and shop before or after and it’s not far from the Alamo, so a walk to the site afterwards would be nice, too.

Here’s everything you need to know when planning your trip to Battle for Texas:

Location, Hours & Pricing

Battle for Texas is located at:

Alamo Plaza at Blum Street

Inside the Shops at Rivercenter

San Antonio, TX 78205


Monday – Saturday: 10 AM – 9 PM

Sunday: 12 PM – 6 PM

Final Entry is 1 hour prior to closing


They offer a FAMILY 4-PACK for just $59.50! (A savings of $28.50) or you can purchase tickets separately:

Here are the ticket prices for Battle of Texas The Experience in San Antonio Texas.

Where to Buy Tickets: 

At the Door-

Tickets can be purchsed at the door, but it’s recommended that you purchase them in advance to reserve your spot.


Advance tickets may be purchased 24 hours a day via E-Tix. Advanced tickets are recommended to guarantee desired date and time. They use a timed entry system to ensure an enjoyable experience for all.


By Phone-

Call their toll free number to reserve your tickets: 1-866-633-0195

Educator Guides, Groups, and Events

Battle for Texas also offers Educator’s Guides and special programs for groups like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. For more information on Groups and Schools visit:



Make your next event an experience to be had! For more information on events check out:

Special Events

Mobile App

Finally, one of the great things about Battle for Texas is their Mobile App. You can get access to over forty different audio and video clips featuring information on the story of Texas and the artifacts on display. You can also participate in a scavenger hunt- making learning fun!  For more information, check out: http://battlefortexas.com/the-app/


Artifacts from the Battle for Texas exhibition in San Antonio, Texas. Click here.

Are you ready to EXPERIENCE the battle at the Alamo????

Are you feeling lucky???

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Are you ready to experience the battle? What are your thoughts?

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