10 Things you Need to Know Before Heading to Legoland Discovery Center 

10 Things you Need to Know Before Heading to Legoland Discovery Center 

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I’m not sure about you, but I’ve been stepping on Legos for close to five years now. That’s a lot of wincing, sometimes blood, and plenty of bad language to go around. And yet, we still keep buying the kids Legos…

Why? Because it’s a necessary evil.

The kids love them and they buy me tons of time to get things done. Legos are also great for their development, too. They help to increase fine motor skills, encourage critical thinking, math and problem solving, and foster creativity (just to name a few).

As a parent, braving the Lego boobie traps seems like a small (albeit painful) sacrifice to make that’s well worth the benefits.

Since 1940, Legos have been one of the most beloved toys that produce hours of fun while encouraging developmental growth in children. They come in age-appropriate sizes and are a timeless and fun learning activity. My kids can’t get enough of them, and so this year, we decided to take our addiction to the next level and visit the home of these fantastic toys…

We visited Legoland Discovery Center in Grapevine, TX.

Why Legoland Discovery Center is the Perfect Weekend Getaway with Kids

Here's everything you need to know before heading to Legoland Discovery Center in Grapevine, TX. Find out why it's a great weekend getaway with the kids here.

Limited Planning

This year, we didn’t have the funds (and I didn’t have the time or patience) to plan a trip where every intricate detail must be arranged months in advance. Unlike going to other “lands”, Legoland Discovery Center didn’t require too much advance planning and its location -just a mere 4 hours away from San Antonio- made for the perfect weekend getaway with the kids.

Cost Efficient

It was less expensive and less laborious than the 30-hour road trip that we took this summer… and it was worth every mile. We were able to pack enough food to get us through the weekend and didn’t have to worry about spending money on food or the ice packs getting warm in our cooler.


One of the best things about the trip for me was the little packing that I had to do. We were able to fit everyone into one suitcase and had plenty of room in the car to make it a comfortable ride.

Travel Time

A short nap in the car was sufficient for the kids and there wasn’t much driver-switching to do because… it was only 4 hours. As I would tell the kids, that’s two movies and two episodes of SuperWhy, and no overnight “sleeps”. The oldest two took naps, which took almost 2 hours of the trip away and the rest was easy peasy.

All in all, it was less expensive and less laborious than the 30-hour road trip that we took up north at the beginning of the summer… and it was worth every mile.

10 Things to Know Before Planning Your Weekend Getaway to Legoland 

Legoland Discovery Center in Grapevine TX is one of the best places to take kids! Find out why here.

Check-in time at our hotel was 4pm, so we were able to leave the house a little later in the morning and once we arrived, we were able to check in to our hotel right away. We left our suitcases there and headed right for Grapevine Mills- the home of Legoland Discovery Center Dallas/FW and Sea Life Aquarium. Things are done a little differently there than I’m used to, so here are 10 things you need to know before heading to Legoland:

Age Appropriate for Most

From kids to adults, Legos has a huge following and their Discovery Center is age-appropriate for most. Children 2 and under are free- and they have just as much fun!

Buy Your Tickets in Advance 

We already had our tickets for both Legoland but were surprised to see that there was a long line for bookings when we got there. They allot a certain number of people for each time frame, so if you get there too late, you might not get your desired time and may have to wait until later in the day or the next day to go.

I would advise you to buy your tickets in advance or get there as soon as they open to be able to get the time you want. Booking in advance makes for a much more enjoyable experience because it’s not overflowing with people and you can enjoy yourselves. (Click on the banner below for ticket prices and booking times.)

Tickets and Events

Legoland Discovery Center is open 365 days a year, so there’s no need to worry about planning around dates. I do recommend that you buy your tickets ahead of time so that you can get your selected entry time and pre-purchasing their tickets online is MUCH cheaper than buying at the door.

They offer combi-tickets for both Legoland Discovery Center and Sea Life Aquarium that saves you some cash, too. Annual passes are also available and they get you in all year, get you special offers, and also get you invited to exclusive events. You can find a list of Lego-themed events that they host year-round to help you plan your visit, too.

For ticket prices and more information, click here:
LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Dallas/Fort Worth



Depending on the time you arrive, you may have to search for a close spot, but nonetheless- there is a lot of parking all around Grapevine Mills. Perhaps one of the best things about this particular Legoland is the fact that the Valet parking is right near the Legoland entrance- an incredibly convenient option if you’re interested.


They do NOT permit outside food into Legoland Discovery Center, so you’ll have to leave snacks at home/your hotel. Parents- there is a Starbucks inside Legoland, so if you’re needing a caffeine fix, or need a snack, they’ve got you covered!

Bring Your Swimsuits.

Did you know there’s an outdoor splash pad at Legoland? It’s located right next to the gift shop, so after having fun indoors, you can play and splash outside and then make a beeline for the exit. It’s the perfect ending to a perfect day. (It’s also a good idea to bring your swimsuit if you are staying at a hotel with an indoor pool.) Lockers are available for rent at the Pirate Beach, so you have a place to put your clothes and/or personal items while you splash around.

Find out why Legoland Discovery Center is one of the best weekend getaway destinations here!

The App

To make the most of your visit, download the free Legoland app that has a scavenger hunt, tips on building and trading minifigs, and special offers. You can find it in the App Store.

Birthdays, Groups, Field Trips & Homeschool

If your little one is interested in having their birthday at Legoland, they have a special birthday party room for you and your guests to celebrate. They also offer special rates for groups, school field trips, and Homeschool students.

Does your child love Legos? Here's a great place to have their next birthday party- Legoland Discovery Center in Grapevine, TX! Find out more here.

Make Dinner Reservations.

If you were planning to eat out afterward (particularly at Rainforest Cafe), make advance reservations because there was a giant line and the wait was one hour by the time we got there. Know that there are plenty of other restaurants and places to eat in the area that are quick to get to, also- or you can eat at the food court in the mall.

Prepare to Have Fun!

With 12 different attractions, there is so much to do at Legoland Discovery Center, and I would suggest allotting a few hours to one full day to enjoy it all. There are rides, shows, interactive play areas, a play structure, and plenty of Legos to play with all around you. Their intricate displays are amazing and show just how much can be done with these blocks- to include recreating scenes from your favorite movies!

With so many attractions, Legoland Discover Center makes the best weekend getaway with kids! Find out why here.

All in all, our visit to Legoland was a great experience that we ALL loved- but our trip didn’t end there. There’s so much to do at Grapevine Mills and another great attraction (directly across from Legoland) was Sea Life Aquarium. Check back for a post on our experience there!

Are you ready to have fun at Legoland Discovery Center? For more information and to reserve your tickets click here:

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Dallas/Fort Worth

You can also find them on Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram.

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Have you been to a Legoland Discovery Center? If you have any more tips and tricks for the visit, I’d love to hear them below in the comments.

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  • I think my kids would love going to Lego Land Discovery Center. I love when I have the “insider” info before we go–I wouldn’t want to wait in line and possibly not get the time frame I want! So good to know! The splash pad looks like tons of fun, I bet my 4 year old would have a blast, she is just now getting into lego building.

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