Why Kids and Parents Love Junie B. Jones (and a Junie B. Jones The Musical Ticket Giveaway!!)

Why Kids and Parents Love Junie B. Jones (and a Junie B. Jones The Musical Ticket Giveaway!!)

When my daughter was about 2 years old, I found a great deal on a Junie B. Jones book lot in a Facebook Group. Even though I didn’t know much about the series (except that it was popular), I decided that it was too good of a deal to pass on, and snatched them up right away. At the time, I didn’t know that this would be one of the best decisions I had ever made.

My daughter started reading them in first grade and the series quickly became one of her favorites. Filled with relatable language, logic, and hilarious situations that kids in kinder through second-grade love, she blew through all 24 of the books we had in a ridiculously short amount of time. As a parent, this was a wonderful thing because it kept her reading and wanting more.

Why Kids AND Parents Love Junie B. Jones

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I received tickets to the show in exchange for spreading the word about Junie B. Jones The Musical. However, my opinions are my own and I truly love Junie B. Jones and how it’s helped my child’s reading skills. This post also contains affiliate links which means that when you make a purchase through them, you are supporting Wine and Lavender and I appreciate that so much! My opinions are my own. 

Learning to read is not an easy feat and takes a lot of patience and practice to master. Finding books that will make your kids WANT to read is something that all parents look for because of the value that practice has on child’s reading development. We want to keep our kids reading on a regular basis. Sounds easy, right? But have you ever turned off the tv and told your kid to read a book instead?

That doesn’t always end nicely.

But given the right book, they just might… When it came to Junie B. Jones, my daughter almost always seemed happy to oblige. She fell in love with the stories, the characters, and situations. She related to them, as a first-grader herself, and her love for reading had been brought (quite literally) to the next level because of this set.


These books not only provided her with hours of entertainment but invaluable reading practice that further developed her reading skills. (Not to mention some much needed quiet time for me!) She is now a grade above where she should be in terms of reading, and this series definitely played a part in that.

Who Can Read the Junie B. Jones books?

Although this series is 20 years old, it’s still loved by and relevant to kids today from Kinder to 2nd grade- but you don’t have to be in these grades to love the stories. Julie B.’s problems also bring parents a good chuckle and younger siblings are also entertained by the books. Since it’s been proven that reading to your kids daily fosters a love of reading in them, working through a chapter book with younger siblings is something that might be fun for everyone.

Summer Fun with Junie B. Jones

Summer is almost here and keeping your child’s mind active during the break is important. Especially if you have a Kindergartener moving on to first grade, regular reading is great practice for the next school year.

A great way to do this is to introduce them to the Junie B. Jones series. I encourage you to take a look at these books since they have helped us so much. You do not need to commit to buying them, either. I’m sure there are plenty at your local library (or maybe you can find a good deal on a Facebook Group like I did!!).

Couple reading the books with the free printables available on the Junie B Jones website, and your summer reading practice is taken care of.

Another fun way to start off the summer with Junie B. Jones is to check out:

Junie B. Jones The Musical!!

Find out why parents and kids love the Junie B Jones Books and enter for a chance to win tickets to Junie B Jones The Musical!! More details and activities here:

I was super excited when I found out that they created a musical based on the books, and furthermore- that it was coming to San Antonio!! I immediately jumped on the opportunity to bring my daughter to see it because she loves the series and- who knows? Maybe this will also foster a love for the arts…

When & Where

Performances will be held all summer!! You can catch the show at the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre from 6/16-6/25 and at Hemisphere Park 6/28- 8/13 (With a sensory-friendly performance available on 7/1 at 2 pm and Military night on 7/1 at 7 pm).


Tickets can be purchased through Empire/Ticketmaster and can be found on Magic Theatre’s website here.


I have 2 tickets to giveaway to one of my lucky readers!!

These tickets are for the Sunday, 6/18 2 pm performance at the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre in San Antonio.

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Does your child love Junie B. Jones, too? Which book is their favorite?

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    • Hi Kara- Thanks so much for stopping by! We love Junie B Jones, too- and I’ve heard such great things about the musical. Can’t wait to see it (and if you entered to win, my fingers are crossed for you!!)!!

  • My sister was in LOVE with the Junie B. Jones books when we were little. I haven’t had my older daughter read them yet. I’m gonna have to introduce her to the series!

    • Hey Crystal!! I’m old! LOL Idon’t rememeber what I read when I was my daughter’s age, but when I got older, I became a Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High Twins fan. LOL I’ve read these Junie B Jones books with my daughter though, and can see why she loves them so much!!

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