Supporting a Good Cause and Setting a Good Example for Your Kids

Supporting a Good Cause and Setting a Good Example for Your Kids

A few posts back, I discussed raising children to be good people. See, the pre-mom me thought that this would be an inherent quality, already pre-programmed into them, but apparently, it takes teaching and constant reminding… What life is really like with kids is so different than what we expect pre-kids.

In the post, Are You Raising Fearful Children?, I came to the conclusion that raising a good human being requires YOU to be good to THEM, and that you should lead by example and show them how to be good. Remember that?

Well, shortly after I posted, a good opportunity came my way to support a local cause and help the community. This is what good people do! This opportunity would not only allow me to help others, but would be a great example for my children- teaching them that being a good person means helping others. I was all too excited to sign up, help out, and share my experience with the kids (and you!). It really was a wonderful event that helped to put things into perspective. I’ll share with you what I learned, but let me tell you more about the event and the people involved…

The Cause

The fundraiser was to benefit Girls Inc Of San Antonio– an organization that empowers high-risk girls in San Antonio. The goal was to raise funds to purchase books from Queen Girls Publishing– a company that takes real-life stories of women and transforms them into fairy tales. These tales are meant to provide inspiration and empowerment to the young girls who read them. The event was being held at a local sip & paint business- Pinot’s Palette in Alamo Heights, San Antonio, TX and help was needed to spread the word.

Supporting a good cause

When I was given all the details of the cause, I was more than happy to be a part of it. As a woman, a mother to a daughter, and citizen, I firmly believe that we need to support each other.

This cause/event quickly found a place in my heart. There is so much going on in our busy lives, that we often forget that there are a lot of children out there (right here in San Antonio) that need our support. They need guidance and hope, and the more we support our youth, the stronger we will become as a people.

While organizations like Girls Inc of San Antonio are there to provide support, they need our help! As simple as providing an empowering story to a young girl can make a tremendous difference in her life. It can provide her with hope, empowerment, and encouragement to succeed. Please check them out at the link above to see how you can help, too.

The Event

At the event, I was inspired by the amount of support this event garnered from the community! A lot of wonderful women came out to support this cause and it was wonderful! If you’ve never heard of or been to a sip & paint- it’s fun! You get to paint (with guidance) and enjoy wine with friends. It’s a great way to summon your inner-creative and have some fun with friends.

supporting a good cause

A great time was had by all, funds were raised for the organization, and everyone left happy. It really was a great event to be a part of! The painting that was scheduled for that day was Poppies. With the yellow and green background, I just couldn’t think of a place in my home that this painting would actually fit in. So in a sea of yellow and green, I decided to be a blue. I wanted to hang this picture in my home- as a memory of the fun, but more importantly as a reminder that we all need to help each other out as a community because when we do, the results we create are beautiful. I wanted my children to be reminded of this, too.

The People Involved

First of all, Melissa at Pinot’s Palette Alamo Heights was wonderful. She was very welcoming and excited to help! She graciously allowed us to have the fundraiser event there and donated future visits towards the giveaways. Show her some love next time you’re in Alamo Heights!!

As for the bloggers- the event was being promoted/co-hosted by four blogs:

Marisa from

Crystal from

Anabel from

And me.

It’s important to note that I had never met any of these wonderful women in person before that day. We knew each other through various blogging circles, but had actually never met in person. The fact that they decided to include me in this event was heartwarming, and when we met, it was as if we already knew each other. We have a wonderful blogging community here in San Antonio, TX- and I’m so happy to be a part of it!

Check out these blogs to support these bloggers who do good for the community. They all have great blogs with great content (that you’ll love) and supporting them by liking or following doesn’t cost you a thing. When you support them, you are supporting people who do good in the community.

supporting a good cause

Setting a Good Example

This event and this painting brought to mind something that’s been in the back of my head for a while (behind all the other stuff I’d love to do). I want the kids to start being active in our community- to help others and experience the inner happiness that comes along with doing good/helping others.

A few years ago, we had a Christmas party at our home, and every guest that was invited was asked to bring a toy to donate for Toys 4 Tots. It was wonderful! We had a nice big box of toys to donate, and I had the kids bring them to the donation location and fill up the Toys 4 Tots box themselves. They loved doing good and I was proud of them for it!

It’s been a while since they have actively participated in a “do-good” activity like that…. and this Momma is itching to find them more activities to be involved with- especially now. My children might be too young to help at a soup kitchen or the local food bank, but these service opportunities are definitely in their future. For now, showing them what Mommy does to give back gets them used to the idea that being a contributing member of society is something everyone should do.

Set a good example by teaching your kids to #giveback ! Check it out: Share on X

I’ll be on the search for more fundraising/volunteer opportunities, (especially ones that can involve the kiddos like volunteering at the Food Bank), so if you know of a great cause that could use some help, let me know!

Do you support any causes or volunteer with the kids? What do you do? What are your thoughts on volunteering/helping the community?


Pamela is a Freelance Writer, Blogger, WAHM of 3, and Veteran Military Wife living in Southwest Texas. Raised in the Northeast and having lived a few years in the Pacific Northwest, she likes to write about mom life, parenting, frugal living, experiences, and WINE. (Lots of wine!) When she’s not busy chasing toddlers around, you can find her on the blog or on social media. Check her out on Instagram:

4 thoughts on “Supporting a Good Cause and Setting a Good Example for Your Kids”

  • I visited a sip and paint for a friends birthday recently and it was a blast. I love to volunteer and sometimes get so wrapped up in “stuff” I forget how rewarding it is! Did the local Elks Hoop Shoot last weekend and it was a blast

    • Thanks for stopping by, Julie! It was such a great experience- it was fun, I met a lot of nice people and the best part- it was all for a good cause!! I’m definitely interested in doing more to help the community!!

  • I like to look for opportunities for my daughter and I to do stuff together for our community. It’s not always easy since she’s 6, but our church, her school, and her girl scout troop give us some opportunities. Stop Hunger Now’s meal packing was one of our favorites, and they let even relatively young kids help.

  • Thanks for stopping by, Emily! I’ll have to look in to Stop Hunger Now… I’d really like to get my little ones used to helping out- and if they let the young ones help out, it’s perfect. Thanks!

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