On-the-Go Summer Snacking with Picky Eaters

On-the-Go Summer Snacking with Picky Eaters


This summer has blown by! It feels like school ended only a week ago and here I am, collecting supply lists for the next school year already! Our summer has been extremely busy and action-packed, but it’s been a whirlwind of fun. It’s no wonder that it feels like it’s flown by so quickly…

But it’s not over yet.

Summer On-the-Go

As you already know, we took a beach trip, a long road trip, saw lots of friends and family, spent tons of time at the pool, and made our way around San Antonio. We’ve been on the move quite a bit and with only a few more weeks of summer left, we’re still hoping to make the most of it!! We have one last weekend getaway scheduled, a few outings (I can’t wait to post about those!), and a playdate or two in between. This summer has definitely been our busiest ever and it’s been so fun!

But always being on-the-go presents a few problems.

It means packing adequately for the day, rushing to meet time frames, and sometimes, having breakfast in the car. Since we’re trying to stay away from fast foods (for both health and wallet reasons), I always package stuff to take along. This helps to weed out temptation and bad last-minute decisions.

One snack that we often take along is yogurt. It’s the one snack the kids never seem to say no to (even the picky eater!), it seems to keep them satisfied for a while, it’s easy to tote around, and is practically mess-free. (SHHHHH!! Don’t tell them that it’s also a good source of calcium and vitamin D, which is great for bones and muscles, too! I want to keep this as an acceptable snack option.)

Danimals On-the-Go

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I pick up Danimals yogurts because they’re also easy to take along because they’re small and all of my kids can eat them without a mess.

Isn’t it funny how you over-analyze the simplest things when you’re a Mom?

I’m able to keep everything (and everyone) mess-free by simply sticking a straw in it. No caps to fall under the seats of the car, no over-excited squeezing that leads to a mess, and they get every drop without my having to help. It’s a great breakfast-to-go for my kiddos. They also love it as a mid-morning snack, afternoon snack, and- well, who am I kidding? They will eat them at any time, anywhere.

Since it’s yogurt, they definitely need to be kept refrigerated or chilled, so if I’m packing them for later, I throw them in a small insulated lunch bag with an ample-sized ice pack. I don’t worry about having to lug around a big bag because these are small. Quite a few will fit into any personal-sized lunch bag.

1 Snack, 3 Ways to Enjoy It

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I was excited to write this post because these are a staple on my food-shopping list, so I knew I’d have a lot to say about them. As a parent, it’s one thing when you are trying to watch your child’s intake. Many of us have picky eaters who cringe at anything green. A friend of mine had mentioned once that she considered it a win if she could have her kids eat at least one healthy meal a day. As my little one has become pickier, I totally understand that now. Here are a few ways we use Danimals for snacking:


Danimals can be thrown into a blender with milk and fruit (and VEGETABLES!!). The sweetness of the yogurt masks any good nutrition they might be getting, because if they catch even a minuscule taste of anything green, they won’t drink it. It’s a great way to sneak in veggies.


Have you ever drizzled Danimals yogurt over a bowl of blueberries? My creative kids introduced me to this phenomena and I have to say- they are on to something. It’s definitely delicious and a great way to pack on the anti-oxidants! I encourage you to give it a try sometime (I’ve also sprinkled a little granola on there for crunch and… yummmmm).

Ice Pops

This year, we’ve taken it one step further and decided to make Danimals Ice Pops because… Well, have you checked the weather in San Antonio lately?! These 3-digit temps are killing me and these ice pops are a great way to beat the heat in the afternoon. It also keeps the kids busier with their snack a little longer (because the straw option makes it easy to devour pretty quickly). There’s no specific recipe to it, other than throw some fresh fruit and Danimals in an ice pop mold and freeze. We like to keep things simple around here.

Summer Snacking

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With only a few weeks left of summer, we’re gearing up for our grand finales. Some of the things we have planned will put us back on the road for a few hours and some right across town. Either way, to keep the kids happy, Mom happy, and costs down Danimals is one of the snacks we will likely take along. It’s great to have a snack all the kids can agree upon. There’s also nothing like quick and easy when you’re on the go, and yogurt is almost always the healthier choice.

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What type of snacks do you bring when you’re on the go?


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