Great NEW Places to Eat in San Antonio

Great NEW Places to Eat in San Antonio

November has been a pretty crazy month for me. Between working on the blog, attending a few events, and just every day life with three little ones, I’ve been spread pretty thin… But it’s been so fun! I’ve gotten to meet new people, go new places, and try new things. In fact, I got to preview two great new places to eat in San Antonio and have been dying to tell you about them!

As if the breakfast tacos, barbacoa and Texas BBQ wasn’t enough to put San Antonio on a Foodie map, these next two restaurants will definitely add nicely to San Antonio’s dining experience. So if you’re ever in the Medical Center or at The Quarry, you’ll have to stop in… Let’s have a look, shall we?

Suck It, The Restaurant

Suck it, The Restaurant

I was not compensated for this post, but was able to try their new menu offerings for free during the media preview night. 

The first restaurant, named, “Suck It, The Restaurant” had me intrigued, simply because of the name. Seriously, what a “different” name for a restaurant! While I don’t usually associate sucking and good food together- this restaurant certainly did not suck.

As it turns out, Suck It, The Restauarnt started as a Bubble Tea Restaurant. The owners decided to expand their menu, revamp, and redecorate. The story behind the name is: with the combination of bubble tea and various soups they offer, many of the items on their menu can be “sucked” and thus was born the name, Suck It, The Restaurant.

This Asian-inspired restaurant offers an assortment of delectable dishes like potstickers, sushi, Pho, noodle soup and bubble tea (just to name a few). The night of the preview, the Chef came out and said that there was no menu for the night and that he was just going to indulge his inner fat kid and surprise us. I LOVED that… and he did not disappoint. I honestly could not tell you which dish I enjoyed more- the seaweed salad, the potstickers or the sushi… they were all delicious!

The atmosphere was very laid back and relaxing. I could see this as a great place to meet friends after work for dinner or date. We had a chance to meet the Chef/owners, and they were very personable and fun. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a relaxing night with good food.

Suck It, The Restaurant is located at 7220 Louis Pasteur Dr. Ste 125 San Antonio, TX 78229 in the medical center, so if you’re ever in the area, you’ll have to stop by!




I was not compensated for this post, but was able to try their new menu offerings for free during the media preview night. 

The next restaurant we previewed was a family-friendly restaurant located at The Quarry named Tacoart. Put simply, this restaurant was great. It was brightly decorated, very friendly, the service was good, and the food was delicious.

I ordered the San Antonio Smoked Brisket Tacos and a West Coast Taco- both of which were delicious. My husband enjoyed his El Infante Tacos, too. I was unable to get pics of the fajitas that we ordered for the children because by the time I got back to the table- they had already dug in… and well, that’s not a pretty picture.

Besides the food, Tacoart is a family friendly restaurant- which is HUGE to me because of the kids. I felt comfortable enough to be there with them without having to keep them civilized. They have a chalkboard wall for the kids to draw on and each table is covered in paper and topped with crayons to encourage the kids/guests to create art. This kept my crazies busy!

The restaurant is adorned with art pieces created by local artist Joseph Silvas of Broseph’s Goods. Besides the fact that they were beautiful pieces (which are for sale, btw!), I felt that their presence displayed the restaurant’s support for local community- and that also gave me the warm fuzzies.

The owner, Adriana Llano came out with a little ice cream cart and handed out popsicles to all the kids. I had the opportunity to speak with her for a little bit and got a loving vibe, which certainly comes out in the ambiance of the restaurant and of course, in her food.

“…she taught us the art of family, the art of caring, and the art of cooking!” 

-Adriana Llano on her Grandmother Ofelia- the inspiration for Tacoart. 

Tacoart is located at 290 E Base Rd. San Antonio, TX 78209 in the Quarry, so if you’re ever in the area, be sure to stop in!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Tacoart has closed it’s doors. I am deeply saddened to have heard this news, as I thought the concept was great and the food was good. I wish the best of luck to the owner, Adriana Llano on her future endeavors.  

Happy Thanksgiving!!

great new places to eat in san antonio


Finally, with the arrival of Thanksgiving, we had the pleasure of visiting family in San Antonio. There is absolutely nothing like having a delicious, home cooked meal and great company to share it with! I hope you all enjoyed November 2016… Now onto CHRISTMAS!!

Have you visited any of these new places to eat in San Antonio, yet? What were your thoughts? If not, do you think you’ll stop in? How was your Thanksgiving?



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