ARTS San Antonio Presents… The Peking Acrobats!

ARTS San Antonio Presents… The Peking Acrobats!

Nowadays, we have access to the world from the comfort of our palms. From a 5-inch screen, we can be whisked away to distant lands and experience different people, languages and cultures. This is truly a remarkable thing! The only downside is that all that you see and hear through your pocket-sized gadget has a filter on it.

What you’re seeing is being shown to you through someone else’s perspective. You miss out on important and unique aspects of the experience like sound, smell, feeling, and atmosphere. There really is no deserving substitute to seeing things in person or through your own eyes.

With schedules, responsibilities, and financial restraints, we can’t all afford to drop everything and go experience different places for ourselves on a regular basis. The solution? Bring the experience to YOU. Culture can be communicated to us through the performing arts, and luckily, for San Antonians- ARTS San Antonio makes this possible.

The Peking Acrobats

ARTS San Antonio makes experiencing worldwide cultures possible- right here in San Antonio. Their mission is to, “…entertain, enrich and educate the people of San Antonio and South Texas.” This year, they are celebrating their 25th anniversary of bringing art and culture to San Antonio. They do this through various productions throughout the year, and this month, they have teamed up with the Majestic Theatre to bring a very unique and eclectic cultural experience to San Antonio- The Peking Acrobats.

“A performance built on layers of amazement.”- Los Angeles Times

The Peking Acrobats are a group from Beijing, China who perform incredible balancing feats and graceful movements that defy gravity (and keep you on the edge of your seat). These highly-skilled performers bring you a grand performance filled with trick-cycling, precision tumbling, and elaborate maneuvers with chairs that are choreographed to amaze. Their stunning displays of contortion, flexibility, and control are all brought to you to the tune of music played on traditional Chinese instruments.

This event is an exciting and cultural experience for the whole family to enjoy! Come out and experience this event for yourself- through sound, feeling, and atmosphere!

Although I was not compensated for this post, I did receive tickets to enjoy this spectacular show. All opinions are my own. 

Where, When, and a BONUS!!

The Peking Acrobats San Antonio

This performance is scheduled for this Friday, February 10th, at 7:30pm, at the Majestic Theatre, 224 East Houston Street, San Antonio, Texas 78205. Tickets can be purchased from Ticketmaster and range from $29-$99 per ticket.

BONUS: Would you like to see this show at a discount? Well, ARTS San Antonio is running a BOGO promotion right now for this show! Get your tickets here:  The Peking Acrobats BOGO Tickets.

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There is nothing like seeing a performance in person, and this show is sure to stun. Come out with friends and family to experience this remarkable show, first hand, and broaden your worldly view!

For a peek at other shows ARTS San Antonio has offered, see The Nutcracker.

Do you see live performances often? What are your thoughts?


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4 thoughts on “ARTS San Antonio Presents… The Peking Acrobats!”

  • Wish I could be in San Antonio this weekend to check it out. I’m traveling there sometime in the next few months for business and will certainly check your site to get the inside scoop! Love to check your wine recommendations!

  • Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words, Julie! When you stop in to San Antonio, let me know! I can certainly make a few recommendations!!

    • Right? ARTS San Antonio really is a great organization. I’m so excited about this show (it’s tonight!) and to see what else ARTS San Antonio is going to bring here!

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