How to Simplify Your Morning Routine with a Clothes Cart…

How to Simplify Your Morning Routine with a Clothes Cart…

Mornings around here tend to be pretty hectic- between feeding and dressing 3 children, taking care of 2 dogs, and getting ready ourselves. I’m always on the lookout for ways to make things easier and of all ideas that I have found on Pinterest, this one has proved to be one of the most invaluable… So, I present to you: How to simplify your morning routine with kids with a “Clothes Cart”!

Because of this simple, yet amazing little organization tool, our mornings are a little less hectic. So what exactly is it, you ask? Well, a “clothes cart” is a small set of drawers located in a convenient location (in my case- the laundry room) that holds a week’s worth of outfits in drawers that are organized by day.

How to Simplify Your Morning Routine with a Clothes Cart 

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Every Sunday night, we choose the outfits for the week (using the weather forecast as a guide) and then place the outfit in the corresponding day drawer. No more rushing in the morning to find an outfit or scrambling the night before to choose one for tomorrow (I tend to be forgetful sometimes). Also, no more forgetting special school events/days- all the silly socks, hats and costumes- you name it, it’s already in the clothes cart for that day. Bam! Done.

3 Kid Crazy: How to Simplify Your Morning Routine with this...The clothes cart also goes beyond the school year. I’m no longer sending the kids back upstairs to change their “over-the-top stylish” or “bad for this weather” outfits. In fact, we (my daughter and I) choose the outfits together on Sundays so that she has a say in what she wears. It allows her to develop her own sense of style and eliminates morning arguments about outfits.

I chose this particular “clothes cart” because the drawers are colored. It makes it easier for my little one, who can’t read yet, to go by the color for the day. Here’s where you can get your 12 drawer clothes cart. As this particular cart only came with 6 drawers, we only did Monday through Friday (I let them choose their own clothes on the weekend for the most part) with the top drawer holding underwear and socks. Word of warning: These drawers aren’t very deep, so if you live in an area where sweaters might be a part of your wardrobe, unless you place them alone in the drawer, or on top of the cart, it’s not likely that a sweater AND jeans will fit into the same drawer. If you would like drawers for all 7 days, they also carry a 14 drawer clothes cart. Finally, a cheaper option (with possibly deeper drawers) would be to purchase Sterilite organizers from your local Target or Walmart.

How it’s Made Our Lives Easier…

Overall, it’s been one of the best organization tools that we have and it makes our hectic mornings easier. Between the clothes cart and the chore chart, our mornings run relatively smooth. The kids get up and do their chores while I’m making them breakfast and then get themselves dressed while I’m cleaning up and taking care of the baby.

Having the clothes cart in our laundry room has also been helpful. Besides being in a central location with easy access, it’s extremely convenient as I’m folding clean clothes because I can place outfits right into the clothes cart. I also place swimsuits and uniforms in the drawers of the days we have soccer or swim.

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What do you have in place to help make your mornings run more smoothly?

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  • Hi Pam, great posts on organizing the kids. I have 3 myself and I know all to well the craziness of getting them ready for school. I may have to purchase the cart for my household. Keep up the great work!

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