Make Money From Home with Online Surveys

Make Money From Home with Online Surveys

Whether you’re looking for ways to make money from home, or need a side hustle to earn some extra cash, online surveys are a great option because you can make money from anywhere, at any time. Businesses pay for the information obtained in online surveys to find out what their customers want and what makes them happy. You’re a customer- so if you have an opinion, why not voice it?

The flexibility that accompanies working from home is invaluable to SAHMs, students, and pretty much anyone who can answer a few questions for cash- so I had to take a look into it because… umm… extra money is always welcomed and appreciated around here!

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My Experience with Opinion Outpost

I decided to try out Opinion Outpost for you… and here’s what my experience was like:

As with any other subscription, you need to sign up with your email, which you must confirm. Once your account is set up and you’re confirmed, they take you to a welcome survey that is worth 5 points to complete.

While the welcome survey felt a little personal, I do understand that they need to have these metrics in order to match you up with the right surveys. They’ll go through all of your demographic info and basic household questions- which, for many of them, you have the option to decline to answer. All in all, it wasn’t difficult to complete at all, and didn’t take up much of my time (which I could also use some more of around here…)

Once I was done earning 5 points through the welcome survey, I was able to complete my first survey right away.

My First Survey

My first survey was for a local service provider. I was told that it would take approximately 15 minutes to complete and that I would earn 5 points for completing it.

It took less than fifteen minutes to complete and wasn’t bad at all. The questions weren’t too personal and actually brought up some interesting topics about this service provider that I never considered. I was asked my opinion on the services they offer and about their communications with their customers in general.

If you’ve ever had an issue or complaint about a service provider and felt like your opinion was falling on deaf ears, then this survey would be perfect for you. I was happy to see that they are making a conscious effort to improve their customer experience, and I was all too happy to throw in my opinion.

All in all, within the first 30 minutes of enrolling with Opinion Outpost, I accumulated 10 points. Not bad for a half hour. It’s actually quite addicting because I had other surveys that I qualified for immediately, but I had to get off the site to write this post for you. 😉

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Payment Options

I browsed the rewards area to see what my points could earn me and it turns out that you can redeem points for cash, travel miles, entries to the quarterly 10K prize draw, games, Amazon gift cards, iTunes, and charitable contributions to the Red Cross. That’s A LOT of options.

Here’s how it works:

Pay Pal: $10 in cash via PayPal (100 points)

MileagePlus Rewards with United: 300 Award Miles (105 points)

10K Quarterly Prize: 1 Entry (1 point)

Games:1 Game (30 points)

Amazon: $5 Gift Card (50 points)

iTunes: $10 (100 points)

Red Cross: $0.50 (5 points)

When you refer friends with your unique link you get points, too. ($1 per each of the first 5 friends that sign-up & complete a survey using your personalized link).

The number of points you earn depends on the survey, but I earned 5 points for completing a 15-minute survey, which computes to .10 cents a point, or .50 cents for that 15-minute survey. (Which did not take me the whole 15 minutes to complete).

Now you might not be qualified to participate in all the surveys, as they are based on qualifications, but if you try and get declined, you will still get an entry into their quarterly prize draw.

My Thoughts on Opinion Outpost

While it might not seem that they pay much, the surveys are easy and can be done quickly- from anywhere. So if you’re at home with the littles, on the treadmill, standing in line at the supermarket, getting your car serviced, or any other errand that requires waiting, why not make some money on the side?

If you’re interested in signing up for this service, check them out here.


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Have you tried Opinion Outpost or any other online survey companies? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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2 thoughts on “Make Money From Home with Online Surveys”

  • What an interesting way to make a little bit of extra income while doing idle things! I feel like I could do some surveys while standing in line (I’m on my phone anyway) or walking on the treadmill like you said.

    A few years back, my aunt would do lots of surveys online and wait until November to cash out, she would pay for Christmas gifts with her survey money. Isn’t that crazy?!

    • Hey Crystal!! That’s not crazy- it’s smart!! This is a great way to save for Christmas, vacation, or anything a little extra for yourself. 🙂

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