How Buying Antiques Saves You Money

How Buying Antiques Saves You Money

When people hear the word “antique” the first thing that comes to mind is dollar signs. But stick with me for the next 500 or so words, and I’ll show you the value behind purchasing antiques or how buying antiques saves you money.

Finding Quality Furniture

We often hear older people talk about how things were made better back in the day- clothes, furniture, buildings… they were all made with better quality. I’m inclined to agree with them. I can’t tell you how many modern things we’ve purchased that seem to break or get damaged prematurely.

Let’s start with a good example: Two years ago, I purchased a beautiful, rustic-style table from World Market. With a fancy name to match, the “Arcadia” table was gorgeous! It fit in perfectly with my décor and I just HAD to have it. The table itself was around $700 and the chairs were about $130 each- but we were in need of a new set and I wanted something nice for my new home, so… happy wife, happy life- right? How Buying Antiques Saves you Money

The instructions read that to clean the table, you must use a wet rag only. Being as it was our only table and I have three messy (but wonderful) children, I was a little hesitant because I’m somewhat of a germophobe, but it was so beautiful and at that price, I was expecting a quality piece… or so I thought.

Only about a month or so later, one of my kiddos placed a gooey lollipop on it. I took a wet rag to the mess and as I swiped, along with the goo came off the color of the table. I was horrified! It was completely ruined. “Built to withstand daily family dining yet elegant enough for entertaining…” Uh, I don’t think so, World Market. I had my husband contact them right away. The stain on a $700 table should not be coming off so easily. They agreed to replace the table top.

After having to go through the trouble of borrowing vehicles and making the time to swap out old for new, I found myself not wanting to take a chance with the new table. I placed a clear plastic tablecover on there to protect it, but it took away from the real charm of the table. Also, every time I would wipe the table down, the nasty plastic would move with my rag/hand movements. The solution? Tape it in place.

Then my toddler banged his fork on the table, leaving indentations in it. I believe World Market’s description read, “Crafted from mixed hardwoods…”. Also, as a result of the fork banging, there were holes left in the plastic, which water would seep into every single time I wiped it down. Of course, now I’m needing to switch the plastic frequently (costing me yet more money) and just the added stress of worrying about the table being ruined by everyday use is enough to drive you nuts.

For $700, I should have had no problem with this table. It should not dent easily and it’s stain should not wipe off with water.

Antiques Are Better

Where do antiques fit into this? Well, at a local auction house, you can pick up a solid wood table that is able to withstand lollipops and all toddler assaults for $700 or less. That’s right. A SOLID WOOD table can be purchased at the local auction house for just as much, and given it’s current track record, or the fact that it’s withstood the test of time, I’m guessing it will likely be around even longer.

It’s “rustic” charm is real and it’s made of real wood- that can be sanded down, re-stained and/or fixed after the toddler abuses it. It’s something that you will have for years to come and maybe even be able to hand down to your kids.

I know my Arcadia will not last very long. We’re two years into it and now the stain on the chairs is wearing in certain areas. The “mixed hardwoods” aren’t holding up and the pins that hold the table extensions in place fall out from time to time.

Not only have we found that at the auction we can get unique, worthwhile pieces that can stand the test of time, but they can be valuable. Consider the resale value. Yes. The resale value on a TABLE. It exists! How much would you get for your used Ashley Furniture table?

If you’re looking for a change, you can take your antique table to a local auction house or antique shop and sell it- for a great price. This is how buying antiques saves you money. You only need to buy once- and you get a quality item that lasts for a long time and has a decent resale value. Not convinced, yet? Then you should also consider that buying antiques is re-using. It’s better for the world.How buying antiques saves you money

Going to the Auction

Interested in buying antiques, but scared of the word “auction”? No worries, I was, too. Regretfully, we didn’t buy our table at the auction house, but we DID buy a few beautiful and unique pieces that we will likely have until we’re old and gray. How? Well, we arrived at the auction house earlier than the auction and got a quick tutorial. Easy Peasy. They want more buyers to bid, they want your business. You’re not bothering them, just ask.

Surprisingly, buying #antiques actually SAVES you money!! See how: Share on X

We love our unique pieces and certainly recommend shopping this way. It saves you money (and stress) in the long run. It may also be a fun experience- the auctioneer at our local auction house made it very entertaining and just the thrill of bidding was fun! Check out your local auction to see what kind of wonderful pieces you can add to your home.

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What are your thoughts on buying antiques? Have you ever made a big ticket purchase that wasn’t worth the price?? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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