Teaching Kids Table Manners

Teaching kids table manners is easy and fun with these tips and free printable! Check it out.

How many pictures do you have of your baby making a mess with his/her food? I’m betting it’s a lot. Especially with 1st birthday smash cakes and portraits being so popular, it’s clear to see that parents often think it’s “cute” when babies make a mess of their food. But then they get older, and it’s not “cute” anymore. Next […]

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Why You Need to “Neglect” Your Children

Raising self-sufficient children means giving them the freedom to grow. Constant coddling and helicopter parenting hinders their ability to deal with life on their own. Check out why you need to neglect your kids... a little. Click here.

In Raising Self-Sufficient Children in a “Needy” World, we talked about how I was raised, what it means for kids to take care of themselves, what it entails, and why it’s important. Today, I want to tell you how I plan to make my kids self-sufficient, independent, self-reliant, responsible, or whatever other synonyms you can come up with that describe […]

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Raising Self-Sufficient Children in a “Needy” World

Are we raising self-sufficient children or are modern parenting methods hindering our children's ability to grow? Find out why this is important and what we, as parents should be doing to raise responsible adults. Click here.

Thinking back on my childhood, I don’t ever remember playing with my parents. Their hectic work schedules demanded most of their time during the week, and on the weekends, we didn’t sit down to family board games, crafts, or cooking because my mother had a plethora of cleaning and errands to run (and my Father was still working). There were […]

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Listen to Your Mother San Antonio

Listen to your mother san antonio is a show that gives a voice to motherhood. Contributors share their experiences with motherhood or stories about the mothers who raised them. Click here for more information.

Since my first Mother’s Day, we’ve always planted or spruced up our garden. The first time we did it, we did so because the baby was coming soon and I wanted to have everything ready, (knowing that I would have little time to work on things afterwards) -including curb appeal. It became a tradition of ours and something I look […]

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10 Ways to Get Siblings to Stop Fighting

Getting siblings to stop fighting and get along isn't always the easiest task. Here are some tips and tricks on how to prevent kids from fighting and what to do after they've already fought. Click here.

“Let the punishment fit the crime.” One of my favorite movies of all time is the original Parent Trap. My favorite scenes in that movie are the bickering between the sisters- before they find out that they are, in fact, sisters. Their biggest fight leads the camp counselor to punish them for their actions, and her punishment is perfect- she […]

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A Review of Rex Pickett’s Book: Vertical

This book review is on the book Vertical by Rex Pickett. It's an amazing story about wine and the Oregon Wine Trail. Click here to hear about it.

I’m not your typical movie-goer who laughs out loud in the theater. You might get a smirk or smile from me time to time, but I am definitely not vocal with my amusement. The same goes for books. It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud and more often than not, you won’t hear a peep from me […]

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Wine of the Week: J.L. Quinson Beaujolais Villages

Here is a red wine review in plain terms of Quinson Beaujolais Villages! Check it out here.

Trader Joe’s is a little bit of a drive away from me so when I go, I generally stock up on affordable wine because… well, if I can have a somewhat decent wine at a reasonable price, why not? This is what Wine of the Week is about anyway- finding cheap affordable wines that you can actually drink. So when […]

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How to Avoid Identity Theft

How to avoid identity theft with these simple tips for prevention and protection. Check it out.

I remember my heart pounding as I looked at the return address on the envelope: Internal Revenue Service. It was June, and we did our taxes on time, they were approved, and our return wasn’t anything to write home about. In fact, it was barely enough for a meal for a family of five. So I couldn’t imagine what this […]

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