10 Ways to Make Friends in a New City

10 ways to make friends in a new city

Coming from a family of immigrants, you’d think that I might have inherited some super gene that makes me adventurous, easily accepting of change and impenetrable to being shy. Unfortunately, that gene must’ve skipped me. Accepting change hasn’t exactly been my strongest suit- regardless of how many times I’ve been forced into a new situation (#militarywifeproblems). It’s not easy to make […]

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Wine of the Week: Unwined Pinot Noir 2014

Unwind Pinot Noir

Ok. So in all honesty, it’s been somewhat “bleak” lately in the Wine of the Week segments. We haven’t had too many good ones and I’m pretty sad about it, but the other part of me is happy for YOU. Now you know what NOT to buy and you can save your money (and disappointment)- so for this reason, I’m glad, […]

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The Resolution Challenge: Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles

Ok. So here we are, the third week into January… how are you doing? Are you rocking it?! Have you lost momentum? Are you just getting started? Have you encountered obstacles? Last week, we talked about how crucial Resolution Planning was. Having a plan can ensure your success because it provides a solution for staying on track- through most situations, […]

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Wine of the Week: Vallado Douro Tinto 2011

Vallado Douro Tinto

A Little Background Let me let you in on a little fact about me- I’m part Portuguese. I love my Portuguese culture- to include food, drink, and customs. I’ve been fortunate to have been to Portugal quite a few times in my life and can’t wait to go back. When we were younger, my Portuguese Grandfather would serve us lunch, […]

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Eating Healthy When You’re Busy

Eating Healthy When You're Busy

So it’s the beginning of January and you’ve printed out your meal planner, spent an hour or two collecting healthy recipes on Pinterest , and picked up all of the ingredients (the ones that you could find, anyway). Congratulations, you’ve made it through the first week- but the key to success is consistency. Do you have a solid plan in […]

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The Resolution Challenge: Planning

Resolution Challenge Planning

So in last week’s post, The Resolution Challenge, we talked about making our 2017 Resolutions a reality. Just to recap, we discussed the 5 major ways to make that happen, but if you missed it: Set realistic goals. If you make goals that are unattainable, you’re likely to fail, but if you make goals that are too easy, you’ll be […]

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Are You Raising Fearful Children?

Are you raising fearful children

We’ve already discussed what life is really like with children… it’s crazy and chaotic. But we keep working hard to do a good job. As parents, we all want to raise our children to be strong, good-willed, ambitious adults. Easy, right? Well if you’ve ever had, known or have been around a toddler, you know that getting them to behave requires a lot […]

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The Resolution Challenge

Resolution Challenge

For the last few years, I’ve had the same list of New Year’s resolutions: Lose Weight Get Healthy Save Money Sound familiar? I’m pretty sure that these self-improvement resolutions are probably at the top of everyone’s lists. I’ve come to learn that if it’s on your list every year, then you’re doing something wrong. Now let me ask you this: […]

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