Wine of the Week: Trader Joe’s Shiraz

Here is a wine review of Trader Joe's Charles Shaw Blend Shiraz, in plain terms by a Mom who LOVES wine! Click here:

Heeding the wise advice of my sister and a dear friend, I made my way over to Trader Joe’s and bought numerous bottles of their “2 Buck Chuck” in various blends. I’ve been spending quite enough money on wine lately, and supposedly this stuff isn’t bad. So why not? Well, the first trip to Trader Joe’s proved to be a […]

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Wine of the Week: Cherry Blossom Pinot Noir

When I went to Trader Joe’s to peruse their “affordable” wines (as recommended by an AWESOME wine-loving friend), I found myself running through the aisle like a kid in a candy store, picking up bottles left and right. Ten minutes into it, I had a cart full of wine topped with one toddler. I wonder what people were thinking of […]

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Wine of the Week: Ravage Knight Fall Dark Red Blend

Ravage knight Fall Dark Red Blend

When choosing a wine based on the label alone, you never know if the bottle you’re getting is an all around winner (as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside) or a pig in lipstick. This week, I asked my wonderful husband to grab us a wine, and he came home with one of the more “manly-looking” wines. He […]

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Wine of the Week: Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay

The Peking Acrobats San Antonio

What?!?! Yes… you saw that right! We have a WHITE wine for this week’s Wine of the Week!! I told you it would happen eventually… you just had to give me some time and have a little patience. Ok, so why did I choose THIS wine? Well, if you recall, a certain Chardonnay (Stressed Mommy Chardonnay) stole my heart not […]

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Wine of the Week: Unwined Pinot Noir 2014

Unwind Pinot Noir

Ok. So in all honesty, it’s been somewhat “bleak” lately in the Wine of the Week segments. We haven’t had too many good ones and I’m pretty sad about it, but the other part of me is happy for YOU. Now you know what NOT to buy and you can save your money (and disappointment)- so for this reason, I’m glad, […]

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Wine of the Week: Vallado Douro Tinto 2011

Vallado Douro Tinto

A Little Background Let me let you in on a little fact about me- I’m part Portuguese. I love my Portuguese culture- to include food, drink, and customs. I’ve been fortunate to have been to Portugal quite a few times in my life and can’t wait to go back. When we were younger, my Portuguese Grandfather would serve us lunch, […]

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Wine of the Week: Jason Stephens Estate Merlot

Jason Stephens Estate Merlot

So we’re back to a red this week because… well, do I really need a reason? They’re delicious and that should be reason enough! But in all seriousness, I’m excited about this one. If you’re headed somewhere for Christmas dinner and want to bring a nice Merlot, I’ve got one for you!! Welcome to this 8th Edition of Wine and […]

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Wine of the Week: Stressed Mommy Chardonnay

Stressed mommy Chardonnay

Finally… A review for all my white wine lovers! Now I know it took a while, and I am sorry for that. I guess I was just waiting for the right recommendation- a white wine that could actually taste good to a red wine lover like me. I wanted to wait until a “good one” came around… and the wait […]

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