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Wine and Lavender

Hi! I’m Pam. I’ve been a Banker in the Northeast, a Military wife and mother of two in the Pacific Northwest and now I’m a Freelance Writer/Blogger/WAHM of three in Southwest Texas. Yes- change and stress are no strangers to me, but neither are excitement, joy and love! I started this blog to share my triumphs and failures, gain insight from my readers and serve as a resource to others like me- who are just trying to keep it all together amidst the chaos. Relax. There’s nothing a little wine and lavender can’t handle…

Follow me for tips, tricks and resources on Mom Stuff, Experiences, Frugal Living, Blogging and of course, WINE and LAVENDER!

My educational background includes a BA in Liberal Arts with an Emphasis in Culture and Media Studies. My life experience includes being raised in the Northeast, being somewhat traveled on an international level, military wife life, and being an imperfect Mama who’s just learning as she goes along.


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